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Fixed Rate Saver

How do I pay money into my Fixed Rate Saver Account?

You can move money into your account in the following ways:


1. Contact your account provider or use their online banking service to make a one-off payment into your Account. You’ll need your Tesco Bank Savings sort code and Account number to do this – you’ll find this on your statement or your welcome letter.


2. Posting cheques to us.
You can post cheques to us at: Freepost TESCO BANK, 4943. No other address details are needed.


Please ensure the cheque is made payable to the person named on the Savings Account and clearly write the Account number and sort code on the back of the cheque.


3. You can move funds from another account you have with Tesco Bank using Online Banking or the Mobile App.


Important – please bear in mind that you can currently only make a single deposit to your Fixed Rate Saver account, so be sure before you make your deposit that this is the final amount you wish to invest. This must be paid within the first 30 days.


Hello Caroline,

thank you very much for your response indeed.

But I can see at the online banking money transfers one fundamental problem as I had never spoken about money transfers made out of my online banking account which I would never argue about.

I had only spoken about the internal money transfers between my own two Tesco accounts which I can have seen on the screen just 2-3 cm in distance.

So because of that, I can't imperil myself against myself when I will have transferred money between my two accounts.

This why I'm very surprised that Tesco bank has issued such irrational rules on internal money transfers between two Tesco online banking accounts as it really can't make any sense.  

I would fully hope that Tesco bank will revise its rules to make it a bit easy for its customers. Thanks for that in advance.


Hi @donecek, we have these limits in place as a security measure regardless of whether the transfer is being made to another Tesco account or an account with another provider. I'm sorry if this has caused any inconvenience. I'll pass on your comments as customer feedback today. We always take feedback on board as we look to improve our services in the future. 


Hi Kelly, thank you for that information indeed.

I will fully be hoping that Tesco bank recognizes this problem with internal money transfers and then unlock these limits.  

I would never dare to mention the external money transfers going outside of Tesco bank accounts which is absolutely right and it really helps to protect his customers against fraud.

But to have been moving money online from one mine Tesco bank saving account to another mine Tesco bank to get it funded up?