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Financial Worries

What will happen to my credit file if I miss payments?

Any missed or late payments can be recorded on your credit file and might make it harder to get any credit in the future.


If multiple payments are missed and we can’t speak to you to discuss the situation it could lead to a Default being recorded on your credit file. This will make it difficult to get any further credit, like a mortgage or even a mobile phone contract.

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Above does not answer my Q.  


This is a rediculous waste of my time - I have already logged in so I should not do it twice.  Is somebody massaging their ego in demanding one has to log-in twice to send an email?  Pointless trying to call for advice, have to wait ages on t phone . . . 


Recently, I went over my credit limit.  This was a one off.  Have never went over credit for umpteen years.


I arrange a payment but it got lost on t way from my bank account to my Tescos C.C. acount and I never found out till later, when I checked my balance on my bank current account.


A week or so later, my credit card bill was paid [as always] in full.


Has my credit rating been affected ?  Was sitting at 999 when I last checked [end of last year].


I don't need to raise my credit card limit as I had a one off payment of several expensive items.


I would paareciate your advice.


Is there an easier way I can email someone for quick advice, instead of logging-in to this ?


Thanks, Max Shaw.

Hi @AllanShaw, the community page is separate from your online banking login, not only for security reasons but as we offer multiple products which can be discussed on this page.To answer your question, going over limit would not affect your credit file, the above post refers to the situation if you had any missed or late payments.