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Financial Worries

My direct debit hasn’t taken and now I’ve had late charges and my bill hasn’t been paid. How do I reset the direct debit?

You can reset the direct debit by calling the number for the product you have with us or you can do it via Online Banking or the Mobile App.


Please be aware that in most cases we need 10 days’ notice to change or set up a direct debit. 


You can also make a payment to your Credit Card by:


  • sending a cheque to Tesco Bank, PO Box 27032, Glasgow, G2 9FX - write your account number and full name and address on the back
  • direct transfer to sort code 406415, account number 31310006 and quote your Credit Card number as the reference
  • phoning 0345 671 0677* and using the automated payment line.


*This number may be included as part of any inclusive call minutes provided by your phone operator.

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Impossible to get to speak to anyone, regarding non collection of a pre set up Direct Debit.  No options let you speak to a customer advisor.

No contact email addresses.  Have to resort to the Community for answers, surely not he way forward? Can anyone help resolve this matter please?



Is it the credit card or the current account that are with Tesco or are both with Tesco?


Is the direct debit showing as being set up on the current account.


You will have set up the direct debit with your credit card company. You need to contact this company (not the one you have the current account with) to see why the dd wasn't taken. If your credit card company is Tesco then a quick search of their website gives a contact number of 0345 300 4278 for credit card customer services.


Hi @birdy5, I'm sorry to hear that you've had problems with your direct debit. If you call the number @clivep mentions and select option 2 and enter your card details, you'll be given some options. If none of the options are suitable, hold on the line and you will be passed to a member of our team to discuss your account. 


I have a late fee on my new credit card, i've set up a direct debit which should have gone out in time to cover the minimum payment but it didnt, i've spoke with my bank and they have told me that Tesco havent requested to take teh money and the direct debit is set up ok?


Who do i need to speak with at Tesco Bank??


Did you set up the direct debit at least 2 weeks before the first payment was due?


As it says at the top of this thread "Please be aware that in most cases we need 10 days’ notice to change or set up a direct debit".  These are working days so more than 2 weeks if there are bank holidays.


It doesn't take this long for them to set up the direct debit and your bank would confirm that it's set up OK but the credit card company would not attempt to take a payment within the 10 day window.


It's always best to make manual payments by direct transfer until your statement shows that payments will be collected by direct debit on a given date.



I cant see anything on the staement saying I need to set it up 2 weeks prior to the first payment date? where is this information?


My direct debit was however setup 10 days before


The direct debit info is given when you set up the direct debit - see


"Please note, it can take up to 10 working days to set up your new direct debit, so keep an eye on your online statement to make sure the first payment is taken successfully on time".