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Disputed transactions and Chargebacks

I've purchased goods or services but not received them, can I claim my money back?

If your dispute has been impacted by Covid-19, then you can read more about how we can help.

If you weren’t given a specified delivery date, please allow enough time for it to be delivered before getting in touch. If you ordered something on a Mastercard card, please allow 30 days; if you have a VISA card, it’s 15 days.

If this date has passed, you can request a Chargeback, please download and complete the goods not received form and email it to us at

We recommend using a laptop or PC to do this. If you are using your mobile, you will need to save the form to your files before completing the fields and emailing it.

When completing the form, please make sure you have the following information available:

  • Your credit card number or your sort code and account number
  • The date and merchant name on the transaction you want to dispute (you can find this on Online Banking, the Mobile App or your paper statement)
  • A description of the goods or services you purchased
  • The date that you were meant to receive the goods or service (if one was given to you)

We'll process your request and contact you when complete, or if we need further information. Due to extraordinary demand in our contact centres, it may take longer than usual to process your request.




I have sent you the form and all relevant documents on 5th May but not received any correspondence from you.


Many thanks

Andrew Davies 

Hi @Juliead28, I'm sorry to hear that! Can you please send us over a private message to Tesco-Bank? 

Hi @LottieH1993, can you try sending a message now and let me know how you get on? 

I paid for a purchase of Spiral ear cleaners on 16th May, My card was debited on that day with *Removed* they were advertised as Antibac Spiral ear cleaners. 

I am *REMOVED* card no. **sensitive info removed**. I have emailed their support team 3 times and have had no reply

Thank you 






Hi @Thomas20, this is a public forum so I have removed your information. Can you follow the instructions at the top of the post so our Disputes team can see what they can do to help?

How do I make a Section 75 claim? Do I phone the Disputes Team first or just. email the form to them?


Also, as this is a PDF form I cannot complete online on my device. I can print it off and manually complete and then scan it. Is this acceptable?

How do we get anywhere with our claim for cancelled flights from 27 March? Getting nowhere and it is very frustrating.  We are awaiting repayment for 4 return flights to Vietnam.  Customer support is seriously lacking.