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Disputed transactions and Chargebacks

How do I query a transaction?

If your dispute is relating to travel then please visit our travel pages here.

If you don’t recognise something on your statement, or you have a problem with a retailer that you can’t sort out directly with them, then you can contact us to query, or dispute, a transaction.

You can query a transaction for a number of reasons, including if:

The process we use is called Chargeback. A Chargeback, or transaction dispute, is a process which allows you to ask for a refund when you have a problem with goods or services you’ve purchased with a credit or debit card.

If you successfully request a Chargeback, the transaction is reversed. This means we charge the merchant the disputed amount so we can return it to your account.

You can request a Chargeback on any transaction. However, you’ll normally need to request a Chargeback within 120 days from the date of the transaction you want to dispute. If you bought goods or services that are due to take place more than 120 days after the transaction date, like a holiday or a concert, this can be extended to up to 540 days after the transaction date.

If your dispute relates to an incorrect transaction amount or a duplicate transaction, you need to request a Chargeback within 90 days of the transaction date.

Depending on the reason that you need to dispute a transaction, we might need you to try to resolve the dispute with the retailer first. With all disputes, the retailer has a period of time to challenge your claim. If they have a valid reason to challenge the Chargeback we may have to re-debit your account.


For those transactions we would ask you to call to discuss in the first instance @Russ13, as per the instructions on the FAQ. So we can see what we can do to help and if there are any other options other than a charge back. 

well registered for the community and comments tells me I dont have access to the area I want


I query a transaction for a holiday deposit where the company has go into administration, online at the time it acknowledged receipt of the query but I never got an email confirmation which was promised. I have received my current credit card statement and nothing is showing for this transaction and I need to know what my next steps are. Can anyone help?

HI @Jazz2, I'm sorry to hear this, please send a private message to @Tesco-Bank for us to check if there has been an update.

Yes but where is the form I’m sick of looking for it

Hey @Claremac1, I’m sorry to hear this. If your issue relates to one of the above dispute reasons, please select the reason in blue and it will take you to the correct webpage. When you’re on that webpage, it will say ‘please download and complete the (reason here) form. This part will be in blue and you should be able to select it to complete the form by downloading it and emailing it to us.


If it’s travel related, you can raise a dispute here: You can read the details and circumstances required to raise a dispute on the travel link above. I hope this helps! - Cheryl

A company said that they would stop calls coming to us from timeshare and holiday companies and they would reclaim money that had been paid to some of these companies and asked for £399 which was paid on my credit card. Since then no paperwork has been received as we were told to expect and the email receipt did not materialise. I rang the person who initially spoke to me and he said the paperwork would be resent with a receipt included. This was never received and I have twice rung and left messages but calls are not being returned. I now feel that this was a scam call and am asking if my money can be refunded?

Hi @kayjay, U'm sorry to hear about this. You can find information about the steps to take here:


Once you follow the link you'll be able to submit an online form and one of my colleagues in the Disputes team will review your claim. Please be aware that the team are very busy at the moment so it may take longer than usual for them to get back in touch. We appreciate your patience at this busy time. Hope this helps – Amanda

In July, we had a phone call from  company relating to holiday travel saying that they would get money back for what we had paid for holidays related to time share and holiday companies that had been in contact with us. A payment was made but nothing more materialised. I rang to say that no paperwork had been received and asked for a receipt for the money paid which they said they would email. Nothing more heard, so I rang again and was told the paperwork would be resent with the receipt. As nothing more has been heard I have tried to ring twice but there has been no acknowledgment of the calls. I feel this was a scam call and ask if it possible to get this money refunded?

Hi @kayjay, sorry to hear this. Can you please send us a private message to Tesco-Bank so we can help with this?