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Will I be charged for using my debit card abroad?

If you are using your debit card abroad, a Forgein Exchange Fee of 2.75% of the purchase price will be applied.


If you withdraw cash abroad (excluding Euros), there is an additional 1% fee on top of the 2.75% currency conversion fee.


Find out more about using your debit card abroad. 


We use a Visa exchange rate to calculate the conversion fee.


View Visa's exchange rates on their website.


For more information on our fees and charges, please see our existing FAQ What fees do you charge on a current account?

That's shocking!

I'm sorry to hear you feel that way @Ttjacobs, we feel that the rates we charge are in line with the current market standards.


If you would like to discuss this further please send us a private message to our @Tesco-Bank  account so that we can investigate this for you and log your feedback. If you click on the username @Tesco-Bank and then in the box near top right you'll see the "Contact me" link and you can then click "Send this user a private message".


In the message please explain your situation and include your name, date of birth, postcode and, if you have it, mobile number.


For details like your DOB, postcode and phone number, we ask for you to format it with additional spaces, i.e. A B 1 2 C D, 2 4 1 0 2 0 1 6 and 0 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 otherwise the information is removed by the system for security purposes.




I have been unable to see if there is an option to view more than the six entries which show in the overview of my debit account.


Is there an option to view more transactions please?

Hi @Wagnernights, currently you can view up to 6 transactions within the ‘Quick View’ section, you won’t be able to view any more than this at the moment I’m afraid. However, we are always looking for suggestions to improve the banking App and I will pass your comments on as feedback to the appropriate department for review.