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Why does my debit card not work when I try to pay for petrol at the pump?

With some debit cards, we need to be able to check you have enough money in your account to authorise the transaction. Unfortunately, Pay at Pump does not allow us to do this.


You will know if you have the type of card that needs authorised as the seventh digit of the long card number across the middle of your card will be a 5).


Please remember that as long as you have enough money in your account, you will be able to pay at the kiosk should the Pay at Pump option not be available.


Hi this happens to me frequently.

Do a shop in Tesco's and get petrol on way out.

Every time payement via Pay at Pump is declined and i have to pay in the kiosk.

This is ok but not much fun when you are in a hurry or the queue is out of the door.

Also happened today when i filled car with diesel and also needed petrol in a can so had to resort to 2 transactions.

Diesel was ok but declined payement when i attempted pay at pump for the extra petrol.

Come on Tesco i am sure you can sort this out or will consider ditching the account and go elsewhere.

I'm sorry to hear about the problems you've had @emrsw01. We'll make sure to pass on your comments to our Current Accounts team.

I've just opened a current account and it looks like I've been given a similar debit card which I'm really not impressed with. What if I have to pay at pump because the kiosk is closed?


How long do I need to wait before I can change my debit card to one without this silly restriction?

The card has been offered based on the outcome of your application, and is not something that we can change. I'm sorry for any disappointment this causes, @Harsin

Hi @AshleighB


I understand that this could be something that I'm stuck with for an initial period of time, but is there an opportunity for a review in 3 / 6 / 12 months?  If I'm stuck with this restriction for my entire banking relationship with Tesco, then that would be a real problem, and not something I'd be happy to continue over a longer term. 


In addition, I also have Tesco credit cards with balances and significant available balances too - so if I'm financially worthy enough to have a credit card, then why wouldn't I be worthy enough to do something with far far less risk, like paying at a petrol pump?

Hi @Harsin


I'm afraid this isn't something we would review on the account at a later date, I understand your frustration though. If you were to apply for a new account, you may get an 'online' card but again this isn't something we can guarantee even if you have other products (such as a credit card) with us. 

I have this exact problem and I also have a Tesco Credit card.


If i'm not in a hurry I just pay at the Kiosk, if I am in a hurry I used my credit card and then transfer the money from my bank to the credit card. Not ideal, but I don't think its a reason to leave Tesco Bank. 

Hi I used my Halifax card many times with no problem. Now it doesn't work. Why?


Hi @Benjamin13, you would need to contact Halifax to discuss this with them I'm afraid. 

Oh Dear, I have just opened my account and found the 7th number is a 5 si I'm presuming I will have these issues too. As I fill up 3 times a week I think I will keep to my old bank and close this one.

What a waste of time & effort.