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What happens after I submit my current account application online?

If accepted, you will be asked to sign your agreement online. If we require additional information, this will be clearly explained at the end of your application.


After signing your agreement, we will then send you a welcome pack in the post. Your PIN and your card will arrive separately within 10 working days. Your PIN should arrive first.


Once your card arrives, activate it using either Online Banking or our Mobile Banking App. You'll then be able to use the card and start collecting Tesco Clubcard points. For joint accounts both cards need to be activated before any access to deposit or withdraw funds is available.


Please note you will not be able to use your new account until you have activated your debit card.


Should we be unable to offer you a current account, in most cases you would receive an instant decision.

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i just applied for a curent account, it said i had been sucessful and asked me to sign the agreement but as soon as i clicked to confirm it came up saying something had gone wrong and my application hadnt been submitted. Can someone please check this for me please, my account application number is **sensitive info removed**. thanks 

Hi @Angelafox27, our security system has removed your details as this is a public page. So I can look into your application further, please send a private message to @CETIn the message explaining your situation, include your name, date of birth and postcode. For details like your DOB and postcode we ask for you to format it with additional spaces, i.e. A B 1 2 C D and 2 4 1 0 2 0 1 6, otherwise the information is removed by the system. 


I've sent the application for a current account but I've decided that I don't want an account with Tesco, however my card will come through the post. If I do not activate the card will it void my account and will it prove to be a problem in the future?

I'm sorry to har tehat you no longer wish to have an account with us Layla. If you call us on 0345 835 3353, available 24/7, our team can cancel the application for you and make sure that your credit file is updated to show the account closure as well. 


Why were some of my direct debits not transferred over when I opened my Tesco current account in June. I have had to contact most of the companies myself and reset them up. Yet we were told that Tesco would do all that for us. I am still having problems with one, even though it says active but 3 months later no payment has been made. 

Hi @M3n4, I'm sorry you've had this trouble with your direct debits. If you selected to use our switching service as part of your application then they should have transferred over. We can't check this information here but if you call our customer services team on 0345 835 3353 (24/7) then we can investigate what has happened.


I lost internet conection when to fill in my application for  current account.  When I try to applay for new , the site now says I have  current accounts and will not allow me into the site.I have application ID but I do not have a password.what to do to finish my application

Hi @uosko, it sounds like the application has been completed partially without any login details set up! Please call our customer service team anytime on 0345 835 3353 and we'll be able to finish the application with you over the phone :) - John



I applied today and it said I was accepted but it needed to verify stuff. Is that like my passport (for id) and statements from my current bank (for my address)? Do I need to send anything else? 

If it's asking me for that stuff does it mean I've definitely been accepted providing I send you my passport and bank statements?

Once I've that done and you receive the documents how long does it take to get my debit card? 

Also, how soon after I activate my debit card will my direct debits be switched? Is it just direct debits that are automatically switched i.e. can you transfer direct credits as well or do I need to arrange this? 

Sorry for asking so many (probably stupid) questions but it's been a long time since I opened my current bank account, I've never needed to move direct debits and I don't currently bank online. 

Many thanks


No question is stupid @julieg2913, so please continue to ask away! We'll be looking to verify your identity hence us asking for your Passport and bank statements, however this doesn't mean you've been accepted. Once we've received these documents we'll then get back in touch to let you know the outcome via post. If all goes well then your switch will fully complete within 7 days of your card being activated. You can find more information here regading the process.