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Current Accounts

What happens after I submit my current account application online?

If accepted, you will be asked to sign your agreement online. If we require additional information, this will be clearly explained at the end of your application.

After signing your agreement, we will then send you a welcome pack in the post. Your PIN and your card will arrive separately within 10 working days. Your PIN should arrive first.

Once your card arrives, activate it using either Online Banking or our Mobile Banking App. You'll then be able to use the card and start collecting Tesco Clubcard points. For joint accounts both cards need to be activated before any access to deposit or withdraw funds is available.

Please note you will not be able to use your new account until you have activated your debit card.

Should we be unable to offer you a current account, in most cases you would receive an instant decision.

When you apply how long does it take normally as did application online and had message saying need to do further checks. That was a week ago and heard nothing since

I made a mistake on my application for second current account.  When I try to correct it, the site now says I have TWO current accounts and will not allow me into the site.

Hi @jeffmarj and @lesleybruck


I'm sorry that you've both had problems with your applications. If you call us on 0345 835 3353, available 24/7, my colleagues can check on the issues you've been experiencing and them sorted. 

I've opened an account on last Sunday when I'll get the card and pin.. Can anyone tell me please. Thanks

Hi @Arifcon the pin and card will arrive separately in 5 working days. So if you completed application successfully on Sunday then they should arrive by tomorrow at the latest. 

I opened an account last Week Tuesday, when Will I get the card and a PIN number? Can anyone tell me please. Thanks

Hi @Ama

Once your application has been processed and account opened your card will be dispatched and can take up to 7 business days to arrive. Please note, your PIN will arrive before your card.

I can't get my stuff verified what do I do?

Hi @Becky94, have you spoken to anyone about this yet? If not you can call us on 0345 835 3353 (24/7) or please send your name, DOB and postcode to @CET, leaving a space between each character of your personal details and I'll check this for you.