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Current Accounts

What does pausing our Current Account applications mean for existing Current Account customers, and customers who have recently applied?

Existing customers, and those who have applied for an account up until this point, are unaffected by this decision and will benefit from the guaranteed 3% interest and the increased Clubcard points on spend in store from 1st April 2017 to 1st April 2019. Every customer who has applied for an account up until 03:00 on 11th February 2017 will have their application processed and we will be in touch with customers in due course to confirm if they have been accepted and when they can start using their account. 

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Same as other contributers.:smileyhappy:


I opened an account yesterday, when can I open a second one?


I would like to receive an email when it is possible once again to open a current account

What happens when you have attempted to apply online and you have been asked to ring for to provide further details and can't get a reply.

Like Many other customers, I would like to know if Tesco Bank will be setting up a pre- regerstration Email link where we can leave our email details, so we can be ready to apply for the next application release, if and when this might be.Or will we have to contantly be checking the Tesco webb sight for the latest information

Also will existing Credit Card customers be given priority over new customers who don't have aTesco Current  Account or Credit Card.



I opened a current account this week - will I still have to wait to open a second one

Me too.
So when will we know when we can open a second account.
I applied 2/3 weeks ago. It states that people that already applied fir this account will still be accepted, but I haven't heard anytbing . Is my application still going through?

Have been a customer with a Tesco Current Account for about 9 months. Am being told I am unaffected by the "pause in opening new accounts" so can anyone from Tesco please tell me how I progress the opening of a second account today? thanks