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What do I do if I have saved an application but not completed it?

If you have saved an application for our current account but have not had the opportunity to complete it, refer to Current Accounts Home Page and select "already saved application" where you will be prompted to complete your saved application and asked for relevant security details.

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Started application gave password and received login what can I do now, or must I just wait for new applicatins to be dealt with


I opened a current account this week - will I still have to wait to open a second account


I have registered , but would love to open a current account will I be emailed when that is possible.



i would love a current account please

Hi @WG @leo2 @Denise110759and @daveloydon, thanks for your interest in our current accounts. We've paused offering current accounts for new customers due to the exceptional demand we have experienced. Existing accounts are already subject on the 3% offer up to a balance of £3000. We will let you know when accounts are available again through our website, Social Media and Community


I have also registered and would like to open a current account when available 


Where can I find the application form to open a current account?  I know applications are suspended at moment but I would like to complete the form and save it.


How do I register interest in opening a current account - will I receive an email when accounts are next offered?

@KAKH10 and @Tommy121150, we will inform customers through the Tesco Bank website and this channel once applications are re-opened. 

@delaura, you aren't able to save an application form but can complete it once made available again on the website.

Juraj miker