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What are the Swift/Bank Identifier Code (BIC) and IBAN for my current account?

This can be found on the last page of your monthly statement, under the section 'Things you need to know' and then 'How do I receive money from outside UK'.

To view your statements, please log in to Online Banking or view via the Mobile App. Once logged into Online Banking;

  • Click on your account and then select Manage account on the right hand side. This will take you to your Account Overview page.
  • Scroll down and on the right had side under Your document Store, click View your statements.

For information on our fees and charges, please see our existing FAQ 'What fees do you charge on a current account?'


No need to call, just find the information including BIC and IBAN in your Monthly Statement in the section of 'Things You Need To Know'-'How do I acceptinternational payments'. 



It's not show in my bank statement

Hi Ouisy419, please call us on 0345 835 3353 to get the Swift/Bank Identifier Code(BIC) and the International Bank Identification Number (IBAN).


Edit - This information is now available through your Online Banking and the App. 

I am less than pleased at the idea of paying for a phone call to get my internation bank details which should be in my online account. In fact in this day and age why am I going to have to pay to call my bank anyway. Not happy at all.

Hi @andlendrem, that response was slightly out of date. You can now check the BIC and IBAN through your online banking and the app. I hope this helps. 

I have been trying and failing to make a payment to my Tesco Bank account from my account in France. I set up a transfer, I entered the accounts name and IBAN correctly, but the automatically generated BIC started with MIDL. Not TPF as shown on my bank statement. The transfers were rejected by Tesco and returned to my France bank. Something's wrong somewhere. I will be contacting my French Bank HQ about it, but before I weigh in to them, have they been given the wrong BIC? MIDLGB22 **bleep** refers to HSBC all UK offices. That's fine, but it doesn't work for my account, obviously. No rush. I'll go through another UK account, which shows the correct BIC on the French site. But when all the current crisis is over, I'd like some kind of explanation from Tesco Bank side. Thanks.

Hi @GJ, thanks for getting in touch. Our correct BIC is TPFGGB2EXXX. I'm afraid we can't help if the French bank is auto-populating this for you. It would be best to contact them and ask for it to be amended. I hope this helps! - Caroline

Thanks Caroline. Yes I agree, it's not a Tesco problem.  I've asked the French bank what's the issue there, but unusually they aren't very helpful. However I will proceed with their Head Office, as I don't give up. Faling that, when I go over, finally again, I'll be able to demonstrate face to face. I look forward to it. Many thanks. Keep safe all of you.

I got a written reply from my French bank, the gist at a rough translation is:


After consultation with the expert service, it appears that, during a transfer, the IT system takes into account updates from IBAN and therefore from BIC of all banking establishments. It automatically generates an updated BIC if the one entered is no longer valid.
This fix allows you to run the operation until validation.
However, I invite you to obtain an up-to-date IBAN from your account at Tesco Bank in order to check whether the BIC you are using has not been modified, then to repeat the transfer operation until validation.


I have run the correct IBAN as shown on my most recent statement, (TPF etc) through the French site and again it comes up with an MIDL BIC, which is no use to me. It refuses to transfer. I can manage through another UK account, went through fine, but it appears an impasse with both sides claiming they are correct.

Ah well.

Hi @GJ, I'm very sorry to hear that you've had trouble with this payment. Can you please send a private message with your full name, DOB and postcode to @Tesco-Bank so we can look into this for you? - Thomas