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How many Tesco Bank Current Accounts can I have?

Each customer can have a maximum of two Tesco Bank Current Accounts which also includes joint accounts.


If you already have a Clubcard Plus account, you can only open one current account with us.


Any Savings Accounts you may have with us will not impact the number of Current Accounts you can have.


An example of how the maximum number of accounts works would be if you have a joint account with your partner, you would both be eligible to apply for one more sole account each or another joint account between you.

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My wife and I each have a single current account and a joint current account - can we change the joint one into a second single account each ?


If so, does that mean closing the joint account and applying for another single account separately ?

Hi @Hagfan


You can't change a joint account into two separate single accounts I'm afraid. To have two accounts each, you would need to close the joint account and reapply for individual accounts separately. I hope this clears things up for you. 


Hi there,


I opened a current account back in February (under the first terms and conditions). I would like to explore opening a second account, but am unsure if I would be subject to the new rules (i.e. paying in monthly minimum and direct debits) or if because I am an existing customer and signed up to the pre-4th April terms, if those same rules apply on the second account?


Thanks in advance if anyone else has the answer to this as it's not clear to me!


Hi @Biscuit


Any new account would be subject to the newer terms and conditions. The account you hold at the moment would continue with the older terms and conditions. 




my wife and i opened one account each at the beggining of your project even tho we wanted to open 2 each as offered.We were offered one each and told like everyone at that time that 2 accounts each had been suspended so we went for 1 account each.On checking online several times for availability of a second account each its only today 25th April that new accounts seem to be offered but with different rules etc ie having to make monthly deposits etc.We didnt apply and save detqails of our4 seconds applicationsw because we thought we could just log on and join when they became available.It seems abit unfair that new rules now apply when we applied in the first place for 2 accounts each.Also how could a family open several second accounts and even a joint accout if we have to pay 750 into each account every month.Or have i misunderstood your rules. I would e3ither just like to open a second account for myself or a joint account woth the original qualifacations.Can you please tell me how to go on from here.thank you so much Cyril Tilstone

Hi @belovediceni

I'm sorry you were unable to open 2 accounts each at the beginning, this can only be done by telephone. If applying online you would need to wait until your first account was up and running before applying for a second online.  If both you and your wife open a second account or 1 other joint account then the new terms will apply and I'm sorry you feel this is unfair. To earn interest, each statement month you must pay in at least £750 and this would be per account and have at least three direct debits paid from your account (excluding direct debits to a Tesco Bank savings account). Please get back in touch if you need anymore information on this.





dont seem to have had a reply to this???



Hi @belovediceni, you would've had to call in to set up two accounts at the same time. Our process when completing online is to allow for the first application to fully complete and everything activated before it will allow to you complete a second application. It was unfortunate timing that we suspended applications at the point that you were joining us. Please bear in mind that our current accounts and rates have been available since 2014. I'm not able to offer you the previous terms and conditions on your second account, Cyril, as these are no longer available, I'm sorry if this isn’t the answer you hoped for.  


I have a current account with TESCO bank can I have a second one.
I work for TESCO but looking to open a second account as part self employed


If YES  does this need to be a business account because I do not earn enough to 
pay tax as per my letter from my local inland revenue office.