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Current Accounts

How many Tesco Bank Current Accounts can I have?

Each customer can have a maximum of two Tesco Bank Current Accounts, which also includes joint accounts.


Any Savings Accounts you may have with us will not impact the number of Current Accounts you can have.


An example of how the maximum number of accounts works would be if you have a joint account with your partner, you would both be eligible to apply for one more sole account each or another joint account between you.




If I have 2 Tesco Current Account, and have £3,000 in each of the accounts, will I earn interest on both of the £3,000 in each account?




Yes you would earn interest on both @charleswong

I've got a current account, a saver account and a mastercard.

Can I have a joint current account as well?

Online application system says no.

Hi @PeterHall


I'm sorry to hear that you've been having problems setting up your second account. It might be best to call us on 0345 835 3353, available 24/7, and my colleagues can check on the issue you've been experiencing. 

Can me and my wife have an account each AND a joint account?

Hi @tony5286

That's absolutely fine, you can both do that :-)

I know I and my wife can have two current accounts each but can we have a joint Account as well? 

This would not be possible @tfc1959 as you can only hold 2 current accounts with Tesco Bank.

I had a similar issue to PeterHall above.


I have 1x Single Current Account and 1x Saver Account and could not set up a Joint Account online so gave the team a call. I was told that you cannot open a joint account if you already have a single and a saver, do you know why this is? They were unable to give me a reason.

Hi @Eleven, I'm sorry to hear this. If you have a Clubcard Plus savings account it may impact the application for a second Current Account due to some of the accounts having an overdraft facility. Please send a private message to @CET with your name, DOB and postcode, leaving a space between the characters of your personal details.