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How long will a cheque paid into my current account take to clear?

Cheques will appear in your account two working days after you deposited it.


Funds will become available after 4 working days but won't fully clear until 6 working days from the day the cheque is received by our processing centre.


If depositing a cheque in-store or posting directly to us, please allow 7-10 working days for the funds to become available in your account. If posting directly to us, the funds will be available a day sooner.

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@maisym00 lol I rang up to complain and the fella was actually very helpful. He explained that once I lodge it in store they post it to wherever and then it's sent to the clearing place...he was able to look on my account and tell me it would be this Wednesday that it will clear. I still think 8 working days is a wild long time for a cheque to clear! 


The problem seems always to be the amount of time it takes the store that has received the cheque to post it to the processing centre.  Tesco Bank are trying to increase it's customer base. With this in mind and to provide an all round  professional service, couldn't someone "from up high," make it mandatory that all stores send cheques to the processing centre the day that they are banked, with the provision that any person who fails to do so will face disciplinary action?


My two cheques took a total of 12 working days to clear, plus 2 weekends. There where both of a considerable sum, due to car sale. Fortunately money not required for a few weeks. But I have 2 more to pay in next month. Will it take the same turn around time? Seriously considering switching accounts. Need some answers please.







If the problem honestly is that the cheques aren't received at the processing centre, why when I complained did my cheque clear within an hour? When I phoned up 5 working days after paying a cheque in I was told it hadn't been received at the processing centre however after saying I wanted to make an official complaint that I would be taking to the ombudsmen the cheque cleared within an hour. Surely if it hadn't been received they couldn't clear it? The official timeline is interest day 2, funds available day 4, money is yours day 6. This is set out by the ombudsmen. So this is what Tesco should stick to. No idea how they are going to introduce the 1 day clearing that's ment to be rolled out to all banks by summer 2018 when they can't even stick to the current timeline 


Further to my cheque clearing saga...i rang up on Monday and was told that it would clear today Wednesday 24th. Surprise surprise if hasn't cleared. This is now 8 working days! Why would i be told that it was clearing today if it's not? Can anyone tell me when this will be available?! I'm gonna close this as it's a bit ridiculous.


Laura_p5. Normally it can take up until 5pm but I’d call in and state you want to make a complaint. I started one of the original complaints on this and not only was my check that I’d waited 5working day already to clear. I was told it was due to take another 5working days. It ended up being cleared that same day. My complaint remained open for around 3weeks then we settled on some compensation by way of cash into my bank. I used to work for Tesco Bank Current Accounts so know how long it should take. In future it’s quicker to send it to the processing centre yourself but maybe do it as tracked mail. 

Nick_F wrote:

Cheques will normally show in your account two working days after you deposited it.


The funds will be cleared and available to withdraw after four working days.



@Gavlowe thanks for the advice about posting it myself next time. I rang up again today and was told that the cheque had only been received at the processing centre on Monday 22nd there! Over a week since i had deposited it instore! Unbelievable! They guy on the phone said it would definitely clear tomorrow (Thursday 25th) so if it hasn't cleared when I check it tomorrow I'm going to take my complaint further. 


@Steve1954 I've asked about this but Tesco have no plans to roll this out any time soon. 


Why does it take so long for a tax refund cheque to clear I'm now on my 6th day and still not cleared it's a tax refund so it's not as if the money isn't there the clearing system with you is disgusting having to wait so long for it to be cleared