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How do I transfer money between my Tesco Bank accounts using Quick Transfer?

Quick transfer lets you transfer money between Tesco Bank current accounts and savings accounts.


Log in to Online Banking, click on your account and then select Manage account in the top right hand corner.


In the Quick Transfer section on the Account Overview, select the accounts you want to transfer the money from and to using the drop-down menus. Enter an amount, then Transfer.


The money will be transferred immediately.


Hello I am having problems setting up standing orders for money to be paid into new savings accounts with Tesco nominated banks says Tesco rejecting incoming payments?

Hi @Melanieday73, I've replied to your other post here

Hi - my cash ISA does not appear in the list of available Quick Transfer accounts.  How do I move money from my savings account to my ISA or get the ISA to show up as a Qucik  Transfwr option? 

Hi @nailseablue, thanks for getting in touch. Can I check if it's an Instant Access Cash ISA or a Fixed Rate Cash ISA? If it's a Fixed Rate ISA then you're only able to transfer in within the first 30 days so you wouldn't have the option for a Quick Transfer, I'm afraid. I hope this helps! - Kerry