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How do I request an overdraft on my current account?

You can apply for an overdraft online or by phone.

The decision is usually immediate, and if you're successful the overdraft will be added to your account straight away. Please note, you can only have one overdraft with Tesco Bank, even if you have more than one current account with us.

Depending on the type of card you were issued with at the time of applying for your Tesco Bank Current Account, you may not be eligible for an overdraft facility (you will know if you have this type of card as the seventh digit of the long card number across the middle of your card will be a 5). If you do, then we are unable to offer an overdraft on your account but if your circumstances change in the future than you can apply for a new account. If eligible, you can:

Apply online

  • Log in to Online Banking, click on your account and then select 'Manage account' on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Select your current account from the Account Overview screen
  • Under 'Your account preferences' you'll find 'Apply for an arranged overdraft'
  • Enter the amount you'd like to apply for, then 'Submit'

We'll let you know the amount of the arranged overdraft we'll offer you. Please note, this may be less than the amount you applied for. If you want to accept the overdraft offer, read and confirm you've read the important information, then Submit.

By phone
Call us on 0345 835 3353* (or minicom 0345 366 6471*). Lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Calls may be recorded. *This number may be included as part of any inclusive call minutes provided by your phone operator.

For information on our fees and charges, please see our existing FAQ 'What fees do you charge on a current account?'


I am trying to apply for a small overdraft with my account. But I can't find it in my account prefences as you say above. What do you suggest I do.

Hi Sarah,


Sorry this hasn't worked for you. I've informed my manager that the journey described above hasn't worked for you so we can look at fixing this (or at least the instructions).


I'd advise in the mean time you can either go to the website, click the 'Bank' menu at the top left (without logging in), click 'Overdrafts' and then below the Overdraft calculator, you'll see an option to log in. If you take this log in route, you will be redirected to the overdraft apply screen of your online banking.


Alternatively you can contact our Current Account team on 0345 835 3353 who are open 24/7 and they'll help you to apply over the phone.


Hope this helps


Steven - Customer Care Team

I am having the same problem. I have a joint account and I am trying to increase the OD limit. All I have is 'manage your overdraft'


i click on that link and all I get is a message saying 'Sorry, we're unable to offer you the overdraft you requested. If your circumstances change we can consider a new request.'


any ideas?

Hi @crjohnson1981


Please send a private message to @Tesco-Bank with your full name, DOB and postcode so we can help with this. You can also apply for an arranged overdraft by giving our Current Account team a call on 0345 835 3353 (24/7)


Please note: don't include the @ symbol when putting in the contact details via private message, just Tesco-Bank.


For details like your DOB, postcode and phone number, we ask for you to format it with additional spaces, i.e. A B 1 2 C D, 2 4 1 0 2 0 1 6 and 0 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 otherwise the information is removed by the system. 





I have just been accepted for a new current account but not been offered an overdraft, a little disappointed considering I have a Tesco credit card and have always paid on time and have never spent any where near the credit limit.

is this something that is reviewed? 

Hi @t3ded there are other factors that contribute to whether an overdraft is offered, not just if you have other accounts with us and how they're managed If you call 0345 835 3353 we can put through an overdraft appeal which then gets reviewed again by our team. They would then get back to you with an update on whether the decision has changed or remained the same. 

We have just decided to switch to Tesco bank, I previously had a Tesco account with a 15501overdraft attacattaat I closed that account to open a joint account and now they are rerefusing the overdraft, the whole situation is ridiculous and I am thinking of cancelling the switch

Hi @Halvey, I'm sorry to hear that. You can appeal this decision if you follow the instruction the Eileen has mentioned above. I hope you get everything sorted - Ross


Hi I recently opened a current account with a overdraft of £2500. I can see my overdraft in my mobile app but I can not use it. Apparently I can't use it u till further checks have been completed. What does this mean exactly? I assumed Ive been accepted for my overdraft seen as tho I can see it in my account. What do these checks mean and how long do they take. Thanks

Hi @Shabba1, thanks for your query. This is generally us awaiting your signature in agreeance of the terms of the account. As soon as we've received and processed this then the full account features would become available. I hope this clarifies things for you.