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Accessing Your Current Account Transaction History

As a result of new regulation put in place by the Competition Markets Authority (CMA) Current Account customers are entitled to their previous transaction history when they close their account.

What will happen if I close my account?

  • As part of our account closure process one of our dedicated team will provide you with a copy of your transaction history covering up to a 5 year period. We will provide you the option of receiving this information free of charge at the point you call to close your account. If we do not speak to you, or a decision is not made, you will automatically receive up to 5 years of your transaction history by post. If this is not something you would like to receive please let us know.
  • If you would like a copy of your transaction history but would prefer it over a shorter time frame, please let us know when you call.
  • You can also decide whether you want this information at all.

Is there any other information I need to know?

  • If you decide you don’t want this information when closing your account you will still be entitled to request if for up to five years from the account closure date. Past transaction history is only available for up to five years from the point you request it.
  • We will verify your identity before we send your past transaction history.
  • The volume of paper you will receive could be quite large; up to 60 pages of confidential transaction history if you receive the full five years’ worth of history, and even more for accounts with high transaction levels.

How quickly will I receive this information?

  • We will send you your transaction history in the post within 14 days of your account being closed.