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When will my Balance Transfer arrive with my other Credit Card provider?

If you provided us with details of your Balance Transfer during your application, it will be processed once you activate your card. The Balance Transfer amount will be deducted from your available credit within 2 working days from when you activate your card. Whilst the balance transfer is being processed, please continue to make payments to your other card. The balance transfer normally takes between 2 and 4 working days from when you activate your card.

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Can i just ask..what happens if you supply 2 balance transfers at the time of application? I put 2 seperate balances on my application to be transferred but only 1 balance is showing to be deducted from my Tesco credit card i need to re request the other balance transfer or can you only transfer one balance at a time? Many thanks

Hi @Andymaman,


I'm sorry to hear that only one balance is showing as deducted from your balance, have you activated your credit card? As soon as you activate the card the balance transfers should go through and the fact you requested two shouldn't have caused any issues as you can request multiple as long as you're within your limit.


Before you request another transfer I would suggest giving our team a call to ensure the other transfer definitely haven't been requested to ensure that it doesn't go through twice. Our team are available on 0345 300 4278, they’re available 24/7 and will be happy to help!




Hi Michelle,


Thanks for messaging me back. I have activated the card so will give it another 3 working days to see of the second balance transfer goes through. Even with both transfers it still leaves more than half my credit limit available. I will contact customer services on wednesday to query the above...


Kind Regards





I applied for a 0% balance transfer card which has arrived and was activated (albeit yesterday).  During the application process, I detailed the card and the amount of the transfer.  On receiving my credit card, the balance available is 50% of the agreed credit - does that mean that the balance transfer is being processed?


I tried to transfer part of the balance today but had an error message saying that the transfer couldn't be done on-line?  Does this mean that the transfer I originally detailed when I applied for the card is being processed?  I have checked the card which is being transferred and that still has the balance on it.


Many thanks

HI @Welshgal68,


If the available balance is showing with a reduction then this would indicate that your transfer requests were successful as we'll always deduct these from what you have available before they're actually processed so that you always know how much you have left on the account that's available to you.


If you've tried to process another transfer that was more than what's now available to you then the system would reject this. I wouldn't advise processing any duplicate as it definitely sounds like the request you selected on the application has went through and if you've now activated the card you'll see the funds reach the recipient account within 2-3 working days.


If you're at all unsure please give our 24/7 team a call on 0345 300 4278 and they'll double check it for you :-) - Michelle


Thank you Michelle.  Have checked today and the balance still hasn't gone through.  Will wait until the end of the week which will be 4 working days since activation of the card.


Day 4 of my activating my balance transfer card and the transfer still hasn't been made.  Not a good start to my Tesco Bank experience. 

@Welshgal68, I thought i would send you a quick reply just to check if your transfer completed?


Hi - no!  The card was activated a week ago but it didn't go through so had to re-activate again over the telephone on Monday.  Apparently the transfer will complete by tomorrow at the latest - we shall see.

Keep us posted, @Welshgal68! If you do continue to have trouble then please get in touch by giving us a call and we'll put hings right :-)