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What is a Digital Card?

Some services (such as Apple Pay) allow you to create tokenised versions of your cards, which can then be used to make payments electronically without the use of a physical card. If your card is used in any of these services, payments will be made as if you've used the physical card. Depending on which service you use, you may have to set up some additional security details (such as passcode, fingerprint access, or pair it with another device) to use it.

If you're using a Digital Card, you will need to ensure that you keep any device on which the Digital Card is stored and security details for the device safe and not allow anyone else to use them. If your device stores a fingerprint, you should not store anyone else's fingerprint on your device. If you dispose of a device which has a Digital Card held on it, you must delete the card first.

If you lose the device which has a Digital Card stored or are concerned someone has access to it, please contact us immediately on 0345 300 4278 or if calling from overseas +441268508027.

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