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What happens if I miss a payment?

You will be charged a late payment fee of £12 if your minimum payment does not reach your account by the due date. Any promotional offer you are currently receiving will also be withdrawn.

Keep track of your payment due date by logging on to the mobile app or by visiting Online Banking. To ensure you never miss a payment, please see our existing FAQ Ways to pay your credit card. You can also set up alerts to remind you when your payment is due. For more information on how to manage your alerts, please see our existing FAQ How do I manage my alerts for my credit card account?

Please note that if you miss a payment this may affect your credit rating, If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact us or visit our FAQs.


I have applied for a payment holiday due to the ongoing situation.

I have now been charged £12 , and my interest free has now been cancelled .

Did my payment holiday not go through early enough. 

I was on Furlough but am now back to work, and would like to reinstate my payments. 

Hi @Thismayhurt66, sorry to hear about that! Can you please send over a private message to Tesco-Bank confirming your full name, DOB and postcode? I'll then be able to take a closer look.

How do I send a private response..

Hi @Thismayhurt66, you can send one to us by heading to @Tesco-Bank - Alex

Hi. last month i forgot to make my payment - this was my fault, but was due to the several factors; i was changing my working pattern (WFH) and trying to home school my son, as well as help/support my elder 2 daughters with uni work. As soon as i realized my mistake i made the payment (£500), this is, i think, the first time i have missed a payment ? I have now been charged £12 (unfortunate, but i know that is the banks policy), and my interest free transfer has now been cancelled. Is it possible to reconsider this ?? Many thanks. Shaun

Hi @fatherK_99, sorry to hear this. If you send a private message to Tesco-Bank, we'll take a look into this for you. 

Good morning my name's ,I applied for the payment holiday as IV been put on furlough,it was approved as I received a text message and email,but IV still received a letter saying IV made late payments and that my fixed rates have been removed IV never missed a payment until all this happened,now I don't think that's fair also IV been charged 90 pounds interest because of that

Hi @Marley3, I can see you sent us a private message and we resolved this for you. Please let us know if you need anything else 🙂