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Credit Cards

What are the changes to the Credit Card terms and conditions?

We are changing our personal and business Credit Card terms and conditions with effect from 13th January 2018. 


This affects introductory rates (personal only), data protection, legislative changes and our registered office address, as well as some minor updates to wording.


View full details of personal credit card changes on our website.

View full details of business credit card changes on our website.


Earlier this year I received a Notice of change to Credit card agreement. In this notification it said that the payment due date was changing from 20 days after billing to 25 days after billing. Mine is still at 20 days, why?

Hello @City_boy, thanks for getting in touch. This change comes into place this month, so you will notice on your next statement that you have 25 days to make a payment. Hope this helps!

Thank you for the response. No doubt, the original letter stated that, but I couldn’t find it 😀