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Credit Cards

If I have a Money Transfer Credit Card, how do I transfer money to my bank account?

It’s very simple. You can arrange a money transfer by heading to the ‘Account Management’ section of our mobile app or by logging into online banking.


You can borrow up to 95% of your available credit limit and the money will be in your bank account by the end of the next working day.

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What is Reference mean?

Can you give us some more information on what you mean @Thanhthem1

Where have you seen the word reference and we'll do our best to explain?


What is the fee for doing this please?

Thank you,


Hello @hkelly

I am very sorry for the delay in replying. The fee would be dependent on the amount you choose to transfer. If you haven't already, give us a call on 0345 300 4278 (24/7) so that we can work this out for you Cat Happy


I have a money transfer offer on my credit card. It asked me to submit a bank accont, I filled in account holder name, sort code and account number but it also asks for reference and will not accept the account without it. What reference do they want?

Hi @testmaterials, when completing a money transfer to an individual’s bank account, there should be no requirement for a reference. Can I just check that it is indeed a money transfer you are completing and not a balance transfer, and that the transfer is going to an individual rather than a company for a bill payment?


I completed a money transfer (£2000) from my tesco credit card to my current account  - found I was charged £60 to do this - I thought balance transfers were 0% and would not be charged - or I have I missed something?? thank you 

Hi @JK If you do a balance transfer you will be charged a balance transfer fee. The fee is subject to the amount you transfer and also the type of Credit Card you have with us.


If your Credit Card is 0% on balance transfers, you will not be charged interest on the amount, until the offer has expired


I hope this helps




I am new to this. I got my foundation credit card and had the option to do a money transfer to my normal bank account which i did on sunday 26th Feb. When will this be in my bank account as the available balance is shown, so it has been processed but i was expecting it today in my account and i have checked all the account and all the details are correct