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Credit Cards

I've applied for a Tesco Bank Credit Card - what happens next?

If you’re automatically accepted

If you're automatically accepted when you apply for your card, we will send you a text within 2 working days welcoming you to Tesco Bank. This will also contain confirmation of your delivery timescales.


If you’re referred

If we need make some further checks before making a decision on your application, we’ll get in touch within 5 days to let you know what we need.


If you're declined

If we're unable to offer you a credit card, we'll normally let you know the reason why as soon as we've processed your application. 


What happens after you're accepted

  • You’ll receive your card 5 - 7 days after your application is accepted, along with your Terms and Conditions, a copy of your credit agreement and your welcome booklet, which has lots of information that will help you get started with your new card.
  • Your PIN will be sent separately. It’s normal to get this first.
  • You’ll need to activate your card once you’ve received it before you can start using it.
  •  If you requested a balance transfer during your application, you'll need to activate your card within 60 days in order for this to be processed.
  • If there are additional card holders on the account, activating your primary card will also activate their cards.

I need a new credit card, mine has snapped

Hi @lizzylavz, thanks for getting in touch. You can order a new credit card via online banking by clicking on the circle with the blue arrow under your balance. After this, select 'Manage account' then 'Get a replacement card’. After you've selected this, you’ll be able to request a new card. I hope this helps! :-) - Brogan

My credit card has expired and I haven't been sent a new one. How do I get one?

Hi @Aiya, I'm sorry you haven't received your replacement card. Please give us a call on  0345 300 4278 (24/7) and we'll look into this for you - Thomas

Getting an error message when filling security details please help


Hi @Denchie, I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing issues. Can you send us a private message so that we can discuss this further with you? 

Who shall message