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How much do I pay for cash withdrawals and cash transactions on a Tesco Bank Credit Card?

You can use your card to make cash withdrawals at an ATM, over the counter at a bank or from a cash provider. 


You can also use your card to make cash transactions. Examples of cash transactions are gambling transactions (lottery tickets, scratch cards and betting etc), wire or international money transfers, repaying borrowing (e.g. loans and mortgages), purchasing foreign currency outside of Tesco, payments to prepaid or virtual cards, investments, share trading and spread betting.


Depending on the type of transactions, a fee will be applied:

  • Cash withdrawals  3.99% handling fee (minimum charge of £3.00)
  • Cash transactions – 3.99% handling fee (no minimum charge)

For more information on transaction types, your APR and interest rates, please refer to the summary box which can be found on the back of your Credit Card monthly statement or the Terms and conditions that you received with your Tesco Bank Credit Card.


We also confirm all interest on fees on your monthly statement which can be viewed via Online Banking or our Mobile App. If you are unsure if the transaction will be classed as a purchase or a cash transaction, then please check with the retailer or merchant and ask them how they will process the transaction.


For more information on using your Credit Card overseas, you can view the following FAQ:
What do I need to know before using my Credit Card abroad?