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Credit Cards

How do I update my mobile number and address online?

You can update your contact details and address for your Credit Card, Current Account, Savings or Loan account via Online Banking. Once logged in:

  1. On the My Overview page, click 'Settings' and select 'Personal details' from the drop down list.
  2. On the Personal details page you have the option to edit your Address or Contact details. Please click on the 'Edit' button next to the pencil icon to update your details.
  3. To update your contact information, please update the required fields and once completed, please click on the blue box 'Update your contact details'. Confirmation will appear at the top of the screen to confirm your details have been updated.
  4. To update your Address, please enter the house number or name and the post code, then click on the blue 'Find address' button. If the correct address is displayed then click the blue 'Confirm address' to update your details and confirmation will appear at the top of the screen.
  5. If the address details are not correct, click 'Enter address manually' and you will be asked to enter your full address. Once entered, click 'Update address' and a confirmation message will appear at the top of the screen.

Please note, when we update your address or contact details we will also send you a text to let you know it has been updated successfully. Should you receive a text like this and you have not updated your details, please contact us.

If you need to change your name following marriage or divorce etc, please refer to our existing FAQ 'Name change - what do I need to do?

It may not be possible to make purchases online with your credit card if we don’t have your current mobile number. We need this to send you a code by text to make sure it's you and keep your account secureIf you have an additional cardholder on your account you will need to contact us to update their mobile number on 0345 300 4278*.

Calls may be recorded. *This number may be included as part of any inclusive call minutes provided by your phone operator.

Please note: If you have any Tesco Bank Insurance policies, you will have  to update your address and mobile number for those separately.


Hi there I have applied for a credit card and I have put in my old address when I was applying for my credit card would it come 2 my new address? 

Hi @MaxWeir77, thanks for getting in touch. Have you updated your address with us? If not, the card will be posted to the address we have on file. Please call us on the number on the original post and my colleagues will be able to double check this for you - Caroline

I have moved to Ireland and only have an Irish mobile not a UK one. The website won't accept my mobile number. What to do? I am now potentially going to be locked out of my online banking. Should I close my account?

Hi there, we can only send texts to UK mobile number so your other option would be sending any security codes you might need via the post. Are you locked out of your online banking at the moment? - Alex

Hi Alex, no I am not locked out as yet, because I am on my usual PC at home. If I were to replace the PC in the future I would not be able to access my online banking without the mobile phone. I have switched to paper statements from paperless as if this happened I would not be able to view and pay my monthly statement.

Also I am unable to delete the old UK number which no longer belongs to me.

I am thinking I may need to close my Tesco account and just use my Irish cards which is annoying as I have a small UK pension paid in sterling into a UK bank account and it is handy to be able to make purchases in the UK in sterling without losing out by exchanging money to and from euro.


If you fill the box with 0s you should be able to delete the old number. Sadly it may cause you some bother if you aren't able to receive your texts for security checks when using the account and online banking - Alex

Hi Alex, Sorry, I tried that but it says that **sensitive info removed**0 is not a valid phone number and won't accept it.

If you give us a call we'll get that sorted, sorry it's not doing it online. You can reach us on +44 1268 50 80 27 - Alex

OK, thanks for your help Alex

Hi. I have followed the procedure to change my address, and still doesn't work, I have this message: " We're sorry. Something went wrong and we were unable to complete your request."
I don't want any letters to go to my old address. How can this be sorted out?