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How do I keep my contact details up to date?

It’s important that you keep us informed if you change your contact details, for example your address, email address or mobile number.  You can update your details by logging into Online Banking or by calling us on  0345 300 4278* (or minicom 0345 671 0676*). Our lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and calls may be recorded.


*This number may be included as part of any inclusive call minutes provided by your phone operator.

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Good Afternoon 


how do i change my address as i tried to call and was in quee ages can someone please call me **sensitive info removed**6

Hi @Pete1964, thanks for your message. I’m sorry but we wouldn't be able to arrange a call back via this page and I've removed your contact number from the public post. You can complete a change to your address through your online banking by following the instructions contained in this link. Alternatively, you can call our customer service team they can help you with this using the numbers listed above or by using our 'Contact Us' page in the following link


How do I go about changing my name on my credit card now that I am married?

Congratulations @loubs83! You'll need to send us the original marriage certificate to get your name updated. Just send this to Tesco Bank, PO Box 27028, Glasgow, G2 9FT with a covering letter with both your old and new signatures. We'll get that updated and order you a new card too. Your document will be returned in the same method that it's sent in to us, e.g first class/recorded delivery Smiley Happy


I need to change my mobile number, but your mobile app is woefully inadequate and is currently making me go round in circles!!!! It wants to send me a verification code to my old number, so you follow the prompts only to end up back at the same point!!!!! 

Sorry to hear that you've been having issues @Russ74. To change your mobile number, you'd need to either log into the website or call us directly. If you're having problems logging in, due to being unable to receive the one time access code, then we'd advise to call. Our team are available on 0345 300 3511, open 24/7, and they can help you get the number updated and logged back in. 


Can someone please assist me in unlocking the password for my online banking. I do not have a twitter account and I do not have a Facebook account (and I do not want either) and think it is ridiculous that there is no email contact or method of online contact for online banking! I have tried to ring and the automated message said that there are large volumes of calls and long waiting times, which I do not wish to be part of nor pay for. All I want to do is change my address. Pretty darn frustrating! Cat Mad


No problem, @EmJoy! Follow the instructions within this post here and we'll get you back online. 

We don't offer email as a form of communication as it is not secure, especially when dealing with our customers' money, apologies for any disappointment this causes. 


How can I activate my card as I have forgotten all my log in details and username password so how do I get it sorted so I can use my card please my fone number is not my original one as my fone was stollen with all my contact information on or do I have to write to Tesco .

Hi @Babygirl62, please follow the instructions here to get you back online. Once you're logged into your online banking you'll be able to change your phone number as well :)