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Credit Cards

How can I pay my Credit Card?

We’ve got several ways for you to pay your credit card bill, so it’s easy for you to keep up to date.  All of this information is contained within the How To Pay section of your monthly statement. 

Pay by direct debit
You can set up regular payments to your credit card by direct debit, which means you won’t have to organise a manual payment each month. To set this up, you need to have registered for Online Banking. Once you’ve done this, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Online Banking, click on your account and then select direct debit in the top right hand corner
  • Follow the steps to choose your payment amount and enter the account details you want the direct debit to be paid from

If you get an email or text before your first direct debit date letting you know your statement is ready, you’ll need to make your first payment by bank transfer or debit card instead. Your direct debit should then be active for your next monthly statement. If you have our Mobile App, you can also set up, manage and cancel your direct debit in the App.

Pay by bank – You can send us a payment directly from your bank.

  • Log in to Online Banking, click on your account and select 'Make a payment' from the drop down menu.
  • Select ‘Pay by bank’, read through the terms and conditions then select ‘Next’ and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Choose your bank from the list and check all your payment details are correct and then select ‘Confirm’ to continue.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your payment request.
  • Your bank will carry out checks on your account when confirming if the payment can be made.

If you don’t see your bank on the list, you will be able to send a faster payment from your bank account to sort code 40-64-15, account number 31310006 and include your Tesco Bank 16 digit credit card number (without spaces) as the reference so we know it’s your payment. Please allow up to 2 working days for the payment to clear.

Pay by debit card
When making debit card payments, please allow a minimum of 2 working days before the due date for the payment to clear. You can make debit card payments via Online Banking and our Mobile App. You will need to add the debit card first and then you can make a payment.

Online Banking
To do this, you need to first Log in to Online Banking, click on your account and then select "Manage account" in the top right hand corner.

  • Select “Make a payment” and then “Make a debit card payment”

To do this via the Mobile App:

  • Once logged in select the credit card you want to make a payment on.
  • Then select the menu icon 'Make a payment', and then click 'Pay with debit card' and follow the on screen instructions.

Pay by cheque

Complete and return the Bank Giro Credit Slip from your statement and your cheque to: Tesco, PO Box 1533, Northampton, NN1 9HU

  • Cheques should be payable to Tesco Credit Cards and should not be post dated
  • Write your Tesco Credit Card number on the payee line.
  • Please allow 5-7 days for your payment to reach us by post
  • It will take another 1-2 business days before the cheque funds are cleared in your account

I'm trying to find out how to make a payment to a 3rd party credit card (NatWest).  Looking at several answers on here, they all say select the "Make a Payment" option.  I do not see this option anywhere!!!  All I have is "Move money out".

Hi @delboyaa, can you confirm what product it is you have with us? I.e. bank account, savings account etc - Michelle



I have a regular current account with the associated debit card


Thanks! We have some information on all of the available transfers with your current account here - Do you know what type of transfer it is you need to make? If it's to pay a credit card, then you can set up the credit card details as a bill payment.


To set up a payee - 


  • Log in to
  • click into the current account
  • Click the 'Manage Account' button at the top right
  • If you have multiple accounts, choose which account on the screen you're looking to manage
  • Click 'Manage Payees' on the left hand menu
  • Click the blue 'Add Payee' button
  • Fill out the information here for the credit card, there will be space for the credit card specific sort code and account number which you'll get from Natwest and you must also enter your 16 digit credit card number as the 'Reference'
  • Click the blue 'Continue' button
  • Check over the information and then click 'Confirm'


You'll now have your payee account set up!


To make a payment to the payee- 

  • Navigate back to your main Online Banking page
  • Click into the current account in question
  • Click the 'Manage Account' button
  • click the blue 'Move Money Out' button
  • Click 'Move Money Out' on the left hand menu
  • Select the credit card Payee from the drop down menu
  • and on the next screen you can enter in how much you'd like to pay and when! Just ensure that the credit card number is there as the reference before you hit 'Continue'

I hope that helps 🙂

Hi MichelleC


Thanks for that.  I have set up several payees before, but I knew the system would reject the 16 digit card no as account number.


The problem now is that there does not seem to be a specific account number for the credit card, nor a sort code.  Would these be the same as those for my current account at NatWest??



You should be able to find the account number and sort code for the credit card on your credit card statement and you would normally enter the 16 digit card number as the payment reference. This is because the credit card account number and sort code is generic for all customers and banks use the payment reference (16 digit card number) to allocate the payment to the correct card. If you’re having trouble finding the account details, I’d suggest getting in touch with the card provider who will be able to confirm these for you. I hope this clears things up.

The credit card payment online help quotes the acc to direct payment to as **sensitive info removed**. The "Payment Method" section" on the reverse of my bill states **sensitive info removed**.

Which is correct?

Hi @BMH, thanks for bringing this to our attention. The details provided on your statement are the old details. Please use the details provided in the first post n - Thomas

not sure which detail / first post you are refering to. Are the correct details those that appear on the online help page.

This error is quite concerning. My statement of the begining of May has the same payment details as online; the early June statement has incorrect details.

To my knowledge the payment details changed a few years ago.

My wife just made a payment to the details shown on the reverse of her statement - as instructed.

I’m sorry for any confusion and concern that this has caused, the correct payment details to use are those in the link below. If you’ve already made a payment to the details mentioned on your statement, this will still reach us - Lewis