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How can I increase or decrease my credit limit?

Requesting an increase is easy! You can do this in the comfort of your home by logging into Online banking or our app.


Approval of any credit limit increase depends on your circumstances. By requesting a credit limit increase you are authorising us to review your credit history and any other relevant information required to process your request, which will not impact your credit score. Requests should be avoided if:


  • Your credit limit has changed in the last 6 months (increase or decrease)
  • You’ve had your credit card for less than 12 months, however after your June 2017 statement date is issued this changes to 6 months
  • You’re over your current credit limit
  • You have outstanding payments to be made to your credit card


Please carefully consider any increase to your credit limit as it may increase the risk of taking on too much debt, which may be costly or take a long time to pay off.


Decreasing your credit limit can be done just as easily by logging into our mobile app and heading to the 'Account Management' section. You can decrease you credit limit at any time, and the request will not impact your credit score. The minimum that you will be able to decrease your limit to is £250, or 105% of your current balance. You will not be able to complete credit limit decrease using online banking.

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I am sure that I am due an increase in my credit limit and it was due today but nothing has happened, how long does it normally take to go through?


 Hi Ross 

I can confirm the letter stated it would be increased on the 4th February 2018 

 Hope that helps 


Thanks for getting back to us @Debbzzee. I've checked and a letter should've been with you by now to confirm why any proposed increase didn't go ahead. If you call our team directly on 0345 300 4278, available 24/7, they can check into this for you.


As for when increases go through @Heathertoes, it can happen at any time on the date outlined on your letter. If the day has passed and no increase is showing on your account, call us on the number mentioned above and we can help.


Thank you for your reply.

I will follow it up 



It never increased automatically so I just applied for it through the App and it went through fine, for info though my date was also the 4th February not the 14th as I mentioned.  



I got a letter recently saying the same, but can’t find the letter.


can my account be checked to see when my increase will go through.


sorry for jumping on this post.

Hi @Montanasmith82, I've replied to your other post.