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How can I improve my Credit Rating?

There are a number of ways to improve your credit rating.


Find out more about improving your Credit Rating.


To help ensure you never miss a payment, you could set up a direct debit. Please see our existing FAQ on ways to pay your credit card.


Due to unforeseen circumstances last July 2017, my account went into arrears and I have been paying by direct debit every month since. Last July, me and my 2 daughters went to America and my mother was in charge of paying my bills. My mother misread the credit card statement, sent a cheque below the minimum payment and my account was placed into arrears. You contacted me for the remainder, however I was in America and not picking up emails. I explained the situation then but agreed to set up the direct debit.

I am writing now, begging that you can amend my credit file as I’m looking to buy a house and my situation with yourselves is blocking my application for a mortgage. Please please can you help me??

I am really sorry to hear about this. You would need to speak with the credit cards team directly who will be able to take a look at the account. However, it is unlikely we would amend a credit file as we are legally required to report accurate balances to credit reference agencies. If you do speak with the credit cards team, they will be able to review this. The number to call is 0345 671 0677 (Mon - Thu: 8am - 9pm, Fri: 8am - 8pm and Sat: 8am - 5pm).