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Can I have an additional cardholder on my Tesco Credit Card account?

Yes, you can share the benefits of your credit card by adding an additional cardholder (aged 18 or over). They’ll receive their own card and PIN allowing them to spend on your account.


You’ll need to ensure that you have the additional cardholder’s permission to provide their data and that they’ve been provided with a copy of the Privacy Notice beforehand. This can be found at


You’ll be responsible for all transactions and charges incurred by your additional cardholder. Please note that it's only possible for the primary account holder to discuss the account with us over the phone. 


To request an additional cardholder, simply log in to Online Banking and select ‘manage account’ or give us a call.  


If you don’t have a card with us yet, you can also request an additional cardholder during the application process.


Thanks. This was the information I'm after.


But, why, in 2016, do we have to download a PDF, print it, write it out, post it, and then wait x number of days for the confirmation/response when this could be done in minutes online?

Hi @richardk74 


I'm sorry this isn't something we offer as an online service yet. You can call us to add an additional card holder and it should be done the same day. 

How about removing an additional cardholder... is there a different form for that or do I need to call Customer Services?

We'd have to speak with you to get the additional card holder removed from the account @Topov81. Just give us a call anytime on 0345 300 4278 so we can arrange that for you!

When the additional cardholder uses the card, does the account continue to accrue clubcard points?  Or are points only credited to the card account holder?

Hi @dodomastercard, points will be credited to the Clubcard number we have on file. Points will be accrued whenever the primary, and additional, cardholder uses their card :-)

How can I get the PIN readvised to my husband who is an authorised user on my card account?  

Hi @StephieM, you can reach our Credit Card team on 0345 300 4278 (24/7) by selecting option 2 and then 0, and one of my colleagues will be able to assist you further.