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How do I get a contactless card?

All debit cards are contactless.


All newly issued Mastercard credit cards are contactless. Replacement contactless cards can be ordered through online banking.


Please note that cards issued to our Visa credit card customers and Mastercard business credit card customers are not contactless. 


Find out more about contactless payments. 

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Oh yeah! How?

Hi @joe0675


If you log into your online banking, on the left of the screen you'll find "Manage your account" and a drop down menu. Select "Manage your account" from the menu and you'll see the option "Get a replacement card". 


This means your current card will stay active until you receive and use your new card. If you don't have access to your online banking, you can call us on 0345 300 4278, available 24/7, and my colleagues can arrange this for you. 


I followed these instructions and ordered a new card, but it wasn't contactless.

I then contacted the call centre and was told that this only applies for Mastercard customers whereas I have a Visa card.  The only option, it seems, is to apply for another Tesco Credit Card which will be a Mastercard.



I want to order a contactless card for somebody else (my husband) who has a partner card. I can only order my own replacememt card through my online account, it says to contact you (Tesco Bank) to order for partner cards. But I can't find any way of contacting you other than by phone?

We'll need you to give us a call to order a new card for your partner, @sarahlock. We don't have another means of contact to do this I'm afraid. I've listed the relevant contact numbers below depending on which product you have, I hope this helps :-)

Credit Card: 0345 300 4278
Debit Card: 0345 835 3353 

Both lines available 24/7.


Why is it so difficult to upgrade a Tesco Visa Clubcard credit card to a contactless card? I sent for a new card but it didn't have this essential facility so it was a total waste of time and means I rarely use the card now. The Tesco bank sites offer no lead on this fundamental issue. You are missing a trick Tesco Bank since it is so much easier for me now just to use a rival chargecard. 

Hi @lesh25, I'm sorry but currently we do not offer contactless Visa cards. I appreciate that this may not have been the answer that you hoped for.