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Tesco failing Chargeback obligations

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Tesco failing Chargeback obligations

It is now NINE WEEKS since I submitted a section 75 claim with Tesco against a defaulting travel company.


Despite several telephone calls (where every time their automated message states that claims are taking up to SIX WEEKS) they have done absolutely NOTHING and will not even offer an update.


Tesco ARE NOT a bank, but a third party provider which is totally incapable of getting even close to meeting its obligations and should be reported to the Financial Ombudsman.


I suggest that the many, many disgruntled customers contact the Martin Lewis website/TV show to take Tesco to task.


It would have been far more time efficient to claim via the online Small Claims Court, but why should customers have to do that when Tesco are supposed to offer proper protection as part of their obligated service?


Going forwards, you should only use Tesco for groceries and nothing else (that is, if you want to ignore the better, more economical supermarkets that they compete with).

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Re: Tesco failing Chargeback obligations

HI @Purrfecttune, can you please send a private message to our @Tesco-Bank account and I can look into this for you.