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Clubcard Plus: All accounts will close on 13 October

How is interest calculated on my Clubcard Plus account?

If you have money in your Account, we will pay interest on it into your Account monthly. We will calculate the interest on the credit balance in your Account at the end of each day.


At the end of the month we will add up the interest from each day over the month and then pay the total into your Account.


We will pay your interest on the same day each month that your Account was opened, except if you opened your Account on a date that does not occur in each calendar month, in which case we’ll pay on the next calendar day. For example, if you opened your Account on the 3rd April then we will pay interest on the 3rd of each month, but if you opened it on the 31st January then we will pay interest on the 1st March.


You will accrue interest on your balance until the 12 October 2017. If you have any money remaining in your account on the 13 October, we will send you a cheque for the full amount including any interest owed.

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Is interest earned on the total credit balance held in a Clubcard Plus account, or is there a maximum balance over which no further interest will be earned?

Hi @KFC, there's no cap on the balance on which interest is applied with a Clubcard Plus account but this isn't a product which we still offer to new customers.