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Clubcard Plus: Accounts will close from 13 October

Will I be issued with a new Clubcard, as this account is also my Clubcard?

Yes. If Clubcard Plus is your only Clubcard, you will be issued a new Clubcard number prior to closure.

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I have an additional card on my Clubcard Plus account in my partner's name. We don't have any 'regular' Clubcards. Will we each get replacement Clubcards in our own names and will they automatically be joined as they are now?

Hi @Poundbury, only the primary cardholder would receive a replacement Clubcard. However, your additional cardholder is able to apply for a second card in this link should you require this. 


My wife is the primary cardholder and has received a new replacement Clubcard.  I am an additional Clubcard Plus cardholder and tried to apply for a second card following the link you posted.  However I received this message:

"This service is for ordering standard clubcards only.We can see that you've only got non-standard clubcards registered against this account"

I'm sorry to hear that @TrevorB! It might be worth calling our Clubcard team so they can look into this for you. They're available on 0800 591 688, open Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm and Sat: 9am - 6pm.


What a mess!

I'm sorry it's not been a smooth transition @TrevorB, but I hope my colleagues are able to help. 


Would it be possible to get a new Clubcard-only card with the same number as my existing Clubcard Plus card? Just makes things a bit easier where other affiliate websites ask you to enter your Clubcard number.


Another thought.  When I log into my clubcard account online, I have to enter some digits from my clubcard number.  This is currently my Clubcard Plus number.  What will happen once the latter is closed?

Hi @timboid and @TrevorB


You will receive a new Clubcard number which you will be able to enter into affiliate websites and/or your clubcard account. The new Clubcard will have a different number but will still be linked to your existing account.




@jayirvinethank you for your reply.  I undertand that as an additional card holder I will not be issued with a new card as I have menitoned above in this thread.  When I tired to request one I was unable to do so.