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Clubcard Plus: Accounts will close from 13 October

Why is the Clubcard Plus account being closed?

Clubcard Plus has not been available to new customers since 2009, having been launched in 1997. Since that time, developments in payment card technology have taken place allowing people to pay more securely and in more places.


Our current account, which has these improved features, allows customers to continue to collect Clubcard points as they spend. As a result, we have decided to simplify the number of accounts we offer and close all Clubcard Plus accounts.

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On the same day that my new Clubcard Plus card arrives, valid until 08/20, I receive a letter from Tesco Bank saying that my Clubcard Plus account will be closed on 13th October 2017.


The Department of joined up thinking is alive and well at Tesco Bank.


Can you transfer my Clubcard Plus account to a Current Account without having to go though all the palaver of applying for the new Current Account?


I really can't be bothered with going through the hassle of applying for a new account. If you can't transfer my Clubcard Plus Account to a Current Account you'll lose my business both with Tesco Bank and with Tesco stores as i'll have no reason to remain loyal to you any longer.

I am really sorry that you received both a new card and the closure letter on the same day. I'm afraid we cannot switch the account over to a current account without carrying out an application, apologies for any inconvenience this causes you @andypee.


I presume as a result of Tesco 'simplifying its range of accounts', you are also going to be removing the additional Clubcard Points earning associated with Clubcard Plus when you convert our accounts?


I already have an account with you which has been running without a problem for over 10 years. Why should I have to go through the hassle of applying for a new account because you can no longer be bothered to maintain the account i am using? Why can't you simply transfer the account I am currently using to the type of account it is being replaced with?

Hi @greenwich97, the account won't automatically switch. However, if you choose to apply for a Tesco Bank Current Account you'll receive 1 point per £1 spent in each debit card purchase transaction (£1 minimum) within Tesco and collect 1 point per £8 spent in each debit card purchase transaction (£8 minimum) outside Tesco in addition to the regular Clubcard points you receive in store. 


Agree with andypee 


When this account was launched you offered double clubcard points - this was fantastic!


I have paid into my account weekly since 1997 and, because of this, you have retained a very loyal customer!


You have asked for me to cancel my standing order.  Done.  

Now I & other clubcard plus account holders have no commitment to do my/our weekly shop with you.  

@andypee The eligibility for the two accounts is different, as we haven't offered Clubcard Plus to new customers for quite some time now. As such, a new application is required if you would like to take out a different account with us. 


@lilalisa I will be sure to feedback your comments regarding this, and I'm sorry that you're no longer able to receive the same benefits.


You're missing the point, i don't want to take out a new account with you as I already have an account. If you are closing it, you should make the arrangements to transfer it to the alternative. I've briefly looked at the application form for the current account and it's far too involved for me to even consider applying. I already have a current account with another bank which I am perfectly happy with, why would I want to go through all the hassle of applying for another one with you for approx £100 of shopping per month with Tesco?


It's a poor way to treat a loyal customer, and as such you will lose that loyal customer.  




Totally agree with @andypee  - big mistake Tesco






I have paid in £580 every month for 20 years into my Clubcard Plus account solely for the purpose of being able to earn double points, which for the past few years have spent on RedSpottedHanky for train travel for my family. This has encouraged me to do all my supermarket shopping at Tesco. Without this incentive, I no longer have to be loyal to Tesco and will also do more of my shopping at Morrisons and M&S Foodhall which have recently located nearby.


I agree with andypee - I don't want to take out a new account. I have held a current account with the same bank for over 30 years and I have no wish to switch.


To use the excuse that "developments in payment card technology have taken place allowing people to pay more securely and in more places" is ridicoulous.  I can't see why they could not have kept the Clubcard Plus Account and made it chip 'n'' pin. It's not rocket science!