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Will my credit file be impacted if I take a COVID-19 payment break?

Provided your request is solely due to the impact of COVID-19, we’ll make sure there’s no impact on your credit file.

If you’ve had confirmation that your COVID-19 payment break has been applied then there is nothing to be concerned about.

There are some letters which will continue to be sent to you including some that suggest you are in arrears and we appreciate that receiving these can be distressing. Unfortunately we have been unable to stop these going out but want to reassure you that you can ignore them as long as you’ve received confirmation that the payment break is in place.


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Hey @bagstuckom, sorry can you please confirm what you mean? I'm having a little trouble. Please let me know how i can help? 🙂 - Cheryl

Good Morning,


On the 8th April I applied for a 3 month payment break on my Tesco Credit Card. The automated e-mail reply told me to cancel the direct debit to prevent any payments being made.  I did this immediately. On the 19th April a payment wasn't made due to the fact I'd cancelled the direct debit.  On the 20th April I have been charged a late payment fee.  I was led to believe this 3 month payment break would have no affect on my credit score and no missed payments would be recorded, please could you confirm this along with confirmation the late payment fee will be refunded asap?


Thank you for your support.

Hi @M4nn3r5, that is correct. When we process the form it will be backdated to when you sent us the request so that your account and credit rating will not be affected. We will also refund any fees.

As above customer has mentioned I received an email to cancel my direct debit which I did and ever since I have received emails and letters saying I must contact you about my missed payment and that if the account isn’t brought up to date it will be passed to credit reference agencies. There is also mention of debt collection agencies. This is the only payment I haven’t made on my account and I only cancelled my direct debit on Tesco’s advice. Please could you advise what I should do? 

Hi @gemmabrooks5, sorry to hear this. If you have received an automatic reply to your payment delay request, then please don’t worry. Please follow the steps within the email asking to delete your direct debit and ignore any correspondence regarding missed payments. We will be back in touch when your payment break has been applied and this will be backdated to the date we received your email. Any late payment fees will be refunded, and it will have no effect on your credit file. We thank you for your patience during this time - Chris 

I have received several texts regarding my missed payments, I took the payment break under the assurance it would not affect my credit rating, rang up and reassured that texts were system generated and to ignore and not worry. Today received a letter from Tesco collections citing my arrears and asking for payment?? This is really frustrating

I’m exactly the same Louise and I’ve still no confirmation of the payment break being applied despite sending the request over 6weeks ago! 

Hi @gemmabrooks59 and @Louiseebarnard1, provided you've received the acknowledgement then this will be applied and backdated to the date you sent the email. Please ignore any requests for payment whilst we work through these.

Hi, can someone reply to my private message please? I’ve been asked to contact you regarding my loan and it seems I also have an issue with the payment break application, so I’m worried that this is going to affect me as I cancelled the direct debit as instructed by yourselves. Thanks