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When will my COVID-19 payment break start?

For Loans: Once your application form has been processed, where we can, we’ll start your payment break from your next payment. If your payment is due within the next few days, your payment break may start from the following month. Don’t worry, we won’t apply any missed payment fees to your account.

For Credit Cards: The COVID-19 payment break will cover three payments – the one for the statement period in which you submit your application form, and the two payments that follow. If you submit your application form just after you’ve missed a payment and before you’ve had your new statement, we’ll count the missed payment as the first in your payment break.


Hello i have applyed for the 3 month payment break , i had the email back saying tesco bank will be in contact to confirm the start and end date , but i have not heard anything and now am on my last month break. I have also received emails and letters saying i am in arrears , i have late fees and also my credit limit has been dramatically reduced so now i will be going over my limit once interest is added , im so stressed over all of this what with everything else going on too ! Please need some advice thank jo

Hi @JOJOWERS, I'm sorry to hear about that. Please send a message over to @Tesco-Bank and we can take a look into this for you.


I applied for the break payment 22nd June. I check my bank statement an the payment has come out on the 1st July. I been told that my payment break would be from July till September. What should I do ?

Hi there, I'm sorry to hear this. Can you please send a private message to @Tesco-Bank so we can look into this for you? - Thomas


I have sent you an email

I've replied to your private message now @Apsk


I replied to your message


I don't know why I can not reply to your private message.

I have use that website before but it did not work for me that why I call Tesco bank. 

Could give my sort code as I can not find my paperwork

Sorry about that! The quickest way to retrieve your account number is by checking the direct debit reference for your loan. The account number is the last 8 digits before the forward slash and the sort code is 40-64-12. This information is also available on your welcome pack and on your statements.


If you don't have any of these to hand, I can send a copy of your welcome letter to you in the post. This will take 5-9 working days to arrive and if you would like me to arrange this I can. However, please don’t send any personal details here. If you need the details before this time, please give our Loans team a call on 0345 600 6016, available Monday to Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-2pm, and they'll be able to confirm this information over the phone – Kelly

For @KellyT 

I have send you a message (Tesco-bank)

I did not work again