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When will my COVID-19 payment break start?

For Loans: Once your application form has been processed, where we can, we’ll start your payment break from your next payment. If your payment is due within the next few days, your payment break may start from the following month. Don’t worry, we won’t apply any missed payment fees to your account.

For Credit Cards: The COVID-19 payment break will cover three payments – the one for the statement period in which you submit your application form, and the two payments that follow. If you submit your application form just after you’ve missed a payment and before you’ve had your new statement, we’ll count the missed payment as the first in your payment break.


This information is really clear and concise - thanks! 


I applied yesterday 9th April for a payment break due to being out of work due to Covid-19.

i recieved an automatic email saying they had recieved document. My next payment is due 16th April. Should I put money into my account or should I cancel my direct debit? Will it be sorted by then due to Easter weekend?

Hi @Craigo21, can you confirm the type of account you have? If you prefer to speak to us privately, please send us a private message.


I have a Tesco loan 

Thanks for confirming that @Craigo21We are working hard on processing these requests as quickly as possible and we will be in touch to let you know when your payment holiday has been successfully set up. If you wish to make the next payment, you can do so, however, if not, please cancel the direct debit, this will have no negative impact on your credit file. Please ignore any requests for payment that you may receive from us from now until the end of your payment holiday. I've attached a link to our FAQs surrounding COVID-19, which will hopefully give you some peace of mind. We appreciate your patience at this time.

hi I sent my email on the 30/3/2020 ive not yet had confirmation if it will go ahead, ive got a payment due on 21st so I need to know if I need to try make funds available for this. Im out of work as of the 23rd march

Hi @danny1231, if you received an automatic reply to your email, please cancel your direct debit and ignore any correspondence missed payments. We'll be back in touch before the end of the payment break to set this back up. If you didn't receive an automatic response, please resend your email and check your junk mailbox - Caroline

the last email I got said that you have my form and will be processing as quickly as you can. 

Great, @danny1231. Please follow the steps above and we'll be back in touch in due course - Caroline

I sent my form on 30/3/20 and not had a reply and you have taken a loan payment and now my credit card as a late payment on it.


I checked my email and it says it was sent.