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What happens when my COVID-19 payment break ends?

We will contact you before your COVID-19 payment break ends with further information on how you can make up the payments.


I have sent a form in and they say its not quite right but not sure what’s not right

Hi Poppy, if you send a private message to @Tesco-Bank with a screenshot of your form, I can take a look at this for you 

I'm assuming the payment break is 3 months, as direct debit was cancelled as instructed, will we be informed how to restart? Also I've noticed my credit rating has been affected, when I thought that wasn't happening.

Hi @Spotjack, thanks for your message. Yes the payment break is for 3 months and before this is due to end, we will be back in touch to inform you when your payments will restart. With regards also to your credit file, if this has been impacted during the time of your payment break then we will get that updated accordingly.