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If your flight or holiday has been cancelled due to Covid-19

If the Merchant is offering a refund, we would first ask you to allow them an opportunity to refund your credit card before getting in touch.

If they are not offering a refund, or you have been referred to your card issuer to make a claim, we may be able to reimburse you. Please download and complete our didn’t receive goods form and email it to us at

We recommend using a laptop or PC to do this. If you are using your mobile, you will need to save the form to your files before completing the fields and emailing it.

When completing the form, please make sure you have the following information available:

  • Your credit card number or your sort code and account number
  • The date and merchant name on the transaction you want to dispute (you can find this on Online Banking, the Mobile App or your paper statement)
  • Your destination and flight or accommodation dates

We'll process your request and contact you when complete, or if we need further information. Due to extraordinary demand in our contact centres, it may take longer than usual to process your request.


Hi @KellyT , I’ve pm’d the details you requested.


Also, I have received a refund for a hotel booking so now have a positive credit card balance. Can this be transferred to one of my tesco bank accounts without incurring a money transfer fee? 

Hi I sent a message earlier today querying a section 75 refund for an Expedia payment. I lodged the seçtion 75 on 16th April not the 16th May as I said earlier in error. I have been in contact and been told it is still not been processed. As this has been nearly 9 weeks I wanted to know if anyone knows how long it takes. Apologies for my earlier date error, that's lockdown brain at work!!

Hi, don"t know if this helps but I was advised the teams are still working on April claims.  My April one has been completed but I sent 2 more off in May just 3-days later so am not expecting hear hear anything yet.  Good luck

Hi @Carob can you send @Tesco-Bank a private message so we can look into this?

I have a holiday to Florida booked for October - final balance is due at the end of July. Significant portions of the holiday have been altered eg. dining plans, park tickets - all of these were booked with one supplier (Virgin) and constitute a package holiday with travel services.


I am entitled to a refund per their own terms and conditions, and ABTA regulations, but they are not playing ball - can I start a chargeback process before I am due to pay the final balance, on the deposit only?



Hi @nrussell83, if you fill in the form in the above link our disputes team will have a look and see what we can do to help. 

Hello, I've submitted 4 disputes (against 3 flights) nearly 3 weeks ago (on the 8th and 9th June), however so far as I have no received any acknowledgement from the Disputes Team. I've just called their phone number (at 5.30pm) but been told they are working reduced hours I can see online (only it says the team is working till 7pm)... but there is no option how to get in touch which is slightly frustrating. I do appreciate the situation and the need to be patient for many weeks, however I would just like a courtesy email/call to understand what the timeline is. Auto-response said it will be take up to 6 weeks.... Is there any way to get in touch? 

Hello ,

I submitted my claim form at the beginning of May re the cancellation of our holiday to Canada.

Could somebody please give me an update.

Was led to believe this would be resolved within 5/6 weeks.


kind regards

Graham Proudfoot 

Hi @Reggie15, I'm sorry to hear about that! Can you please send over a private message to Tesco-Bank?

@KellyT  is it possible to answer my query too, please?