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I’m struggling to pay my credit card or loan due to COVID-19, can you help?

If you have a Tesco Bank Loan:
For a Loans payment break, you'll need to complete our online form. You’ll need your loan account number and sort code which can be found on your annual statement, your original loan documentation, in Online Banking or our Mobile Banking App.
Apply for a Loans payment break

If you have a Tesco Bank Credit Card:
For a Credit Card payment break, you'll need to complete our online form. You'll need the 16 digit number on the front of your card.
Apply for a Credit Card payment break


I did send the form 2 weeks ago and still no response .My payment due is tomorrow .what I suppose to do-Cancel my direct debit or ?

i applied for a payment break on the 24th of March now 9th of April and have heard nothing my statement is due tomorrow what do I do?

Hi @nancyh22, thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, I am unable to confirm whether this has been approved yet. We are working through a backlog of request for the payment break as quickly as we can, and we will be in touch once we have approved your request. Did you receive an automated response when you sent the request? If so, this means we have received it - Chris 

Hi. After nearly 3 weeks of sending my payment holiday forms I still had no confirmation, I've had an email recommending to cancel my direct debits, and an email last week sating 'sorry it's taking so long but have received you're payment holiday request and working hard to do them' today had a late email from my loan account saying to make immediate payment , I cant! Hence the form, I've never missed a payment, and another company took my payment form and confirmed it within a week!. Please advise

Hi @Tinman83, I'm sorry you've not heard back from us yet. Please ignore any correspondence regarding missed payments, I'm afraid we can't stop this. Your payment break will be back dated from the date we received your email and we'll be back in touch when it has been set up. I'm sorry I don't have a timescale for this - Caroline

Hi I submitted a payment holiday form for my loan on the 4th April, I received the auto acknowledgment from Tesco but I’ve never heard anything else about this. My payment is due in the 20th and I don’t know if the holiday is in place or not. What do I do, as I don’t want to call when I know staff are busy. Thank you 

Hi @lyndz_1983, thanks for getting in touch. As confirmed on the previous posts, we'll backdate your payment break from the date we received your email. Please cancel your direct debit and ignore any correspondence your receive regarding missed payments as we can't stop this unfortunately. We'll be back in touch once the payment break is in place - Caroline

Hi Tesco Bank,


Firstly, thank you for giving us the opportunity to apply for a payment break amid this crisis


I submitted an application for a payment break as my husband has been put on unpaid leave till further notice and I am now responsible for the essential household bills he was taking care of. I haven't heard back from you if the payment break application has been processed or no.  Please advise.


Do I need to cancel my DD? my next payment is due on May 05 and I have 12 months remaining on my loan amount and haven't defaulted since I took out the loan in 2017. I only received an auto email upon submission of the form.


I await your response. Thank you.

Hi @vpires, I'm sorry to hear that. As confirmed on the previous posts on this thread, if you have received an automatic reply to your payment delay request, please follow the steps within the email asking to delete your direct debit, and ignore any correspondence regarding missed payments. We will be back in touch when your payment break has been applied and this will be backdated to the date we received your email. I hope this helps - Caroline



I filled out the request 2 weeks ago for a payment holiday on my loan, which has just been taken out my account?


This is going to put my in great difficulty, please help!