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We have some winners!

Community Manager

Since Your Community Clubcard trial launched in February, we’ve loved seeing all our new members join.

As we’re living in extraordinary times, we’ve been pleased to see the conversation in Your Community has been so positive despite the challenges many are facing. And we’ve seen some fantastic examples of many of you helping each other out by answering questions and sharing helpful articles and links to FAQs.

This week our Community Experts have been looking over all posts and solutions, and we can now reveal our March winners…

New badges

We’ve been able to award a wide variety of badges, including Enquirer, Popular, Contributor, Enthusiast, Problem Solver, Clocking-in and Informer. You can get these badges for doing things like making your first reply, receiving likes, creating accepted solutions and making your 10th visit. Earning these badges get you from 100 to 500 Clubcard points. We have lots of winners for March so I can't tag you all in this post, but I will tag you all below in the comments. Please check this out.

Top solution authors

We have three members who we’re delighted to reward for the accepted solutions they’ve contributed. We’re awarding 1000 Clubcard points to:

@icedchetty@CSKBrambles and @Andrew583

You can find our solution leader board on the Your Community home page. Keep an eye on this as we’ll be rewarding those with the most accepted solutions for April. You’ll see it if you scroll down the home page a little, it looks like this:

solution author board - V2.PNG

If you answer a question for another member, maybe suggest they accept it as a solution? From time-to-time we’ll encourage people to do this but there’s no harm in asking yourself. Please remember there should only be one solution per thread and we do review all of these. If you’re unsure how to accept a solution, you can find out here. 

Most valuable posters

We want to recognise two members this month, with an award of 2500 Clubcard points each.

@heanor_man_34 is one of our most active members who consistently visits Your Community and helps others. In March you visited us 20 times, replied to other members 15 times on a wide range of subjects, and wrote 3 accepted solutions. Your posts and replies are always so positive and helpful, you’ve really been super valuable to us this month. Thanks as always Heanor_Man_34!

@25H only joined Community on 10 March but so far has visited us 64 times. In this short space of time you’ve replied and helped other members 33 times. We love how you’ve been adding links to useful articles and to our existing content. This is fantastic - we'd love to see more of this in Your Community. It’s clear to see that other members value your help too.  Thanks 25H, let’s see if you can smash this next month.

How to get your Clubcard points

If you’re one of our first winners, congratulations! To collect your Clubcard points, once you're signed into Your Community, please send us a message using this link to our private account @Tesco-Bank

Just click on the blue button next to 'Inbox' and send us your Tesco Clubcard account number and full address (including postcode) within the next 30 days. It’s really that simple. We’ll then arrange for your prize Clubcard points to be credited to your account within 60 days.

We’ll continue to monitor posts over the remainder of Your Community Clubcard trial, and our future rewards are subject to change.

Winners, please tell us how you think you’ll use your Clubcard points - how are you planning to reward yourself? Let us know in a comment below, We’d love to hear from you.

Your Community Expert

Hi @Andrew583, I appreciate your concern and will pass on your comments as feedback. This is the first month we have ran this so welcome all feedback.

Here to help

I share the concerns of Andrew583 about the method of claiming the points.

I have also been unable to find how many points I have won.

I appreciate your award but am not sure that I want the risk of claiming it.


Community Manager

Hey @tescobanker, I’ll send a private message shortly confirming what points you have earned. As the badges each carried a different amount of points, we didn't want to make the post even longer by listing these. 

This is the first month of the trial and at the moment it’s a manual process of requesting your details in order to fulfill points. I understand your concern but unfortunately without this information we can’t request the points be added to your statement. As we don’t collate this information as part of the registration process, there is no other way of us obtaining this data. We use private messaging every day as a means of verifying and talking to customers about their accounts.

All feedback will be collated and reviewed at the end of the trial so thanks for your comments.

Safe hands

That's awesome thanks ! 👍

Here to help

I am a bit slow, but thanks none the less 🙂

Safe hands

We're all winners ! well done everyone x ♥️