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Community Manager

An Accepted Solution is a response to a questions that best answers it, or has been really helpful. The person who posts the question can choose the best answer and mark it as an Accepted Solution. The post gets a special icon alongside it like this:

solutions image.jpg

If you click ‘Go to solution,’ it takes you straight from the question to the Solution. This makes it easier for other customers to find the Solution should they have the same question. These Solutions are also marked so that they stand out in search results, either in Community or from the likes of Google.

Over the last year we have watched the number of Accepted Solutions grow, which we are super pleased with. So far this year these Solutions have been viewed almost a quarter of a million times! In most cases one of our Community Experts answers your posts but as the Community is getting bigger, it’s great to see you helping each other out.

On the home page of Your Community (hyperlink), we have a Top Solution Authors Leaderboard. You can find this on the left hand side underneath the Explore our FAQs section.

leaderboard screen shot.JPG

Here we’ll display anyone in the last 30 days who writes an answer and it is then accepted as a Solution.

Over the last 6 months we have seen Solutions from @chaddman30, @W8, @Mbunting1981, @keefbeef, @phpxt, @DSD, @Mr_Catley and also @cairnsy91 which help other customers. Thanks for your responses!

So what are you waiting for? Keep an eye out for posts and if you know the answer, why not share your knowledge or experience and help another user out? Remember please don’t post your personal details.

If you find another user responds helpfully to your post then all you need to do is accept their answer as a Solution. You can find a useful guide if you’re unsure how to do this.

A Community Expert will of course review all posts and Solutions to make sure they contain accurate information. 

Really looking forward to seeing some more of you participate in our Community by helping others and let’s see some more names on the leaderboard!