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So here are our April winners…

Community Manager

It’s been record month for Your Community. April has been the busiest month we’ve had since we launched back in 2015.

We’ve seen twice as many posts than in March, with a whopping 62 new solutions getting accepted.

It’s great to see Your Community coming together at this challenging time to help each other out. We’re seeing so many conversations happening, and more and more people taking part.

A quick reminder – if you’re trying to tag another member, please remember to use the @ sign before their username. When you do, they’re notified – without it they may not see your mention.

Now for the winners… Just like last month we’ve had a busy time reviewing all the posts, comments, solutions and new threads.

Badge winners

It’s been a bumper month for badges. We’ve been able to award so many, including Troubleshooter, Chatterbox, Informer, Enthusiast, Supporter, Cheerleader, Famous, Getting Started, Clocking-in and On the Ball. We award these badges for contributing to Your Community in many different ways. There are badges for making posts, creating accepted solutions, giving likes, and visiting us often to name just a few.

We have 41 winners this month, each being awarded between 150 – 500 Clubcard points, they are @Scooter @Yvonne82 @rardVeddy @Brobilliard @Smunro1 @Yeza @AnnieLG95 @AdamLetamsing @Chrisapple1 @ncrook @buzzbuilder @FJW95612 @GarySBristol @V86ness @Pompey13 @Bigjohn79 @Jayraj9 @brownalk @NicM23 

@Bjconstable @malcolmhussain @Fallaize57 @aaronparkes @Bramble @WelshCatLady @Gills1901 @icedchetty @Dottieslass @pang56 @Julie2910 @c1953g @pegerton @Mummy123 @CSKBrambles @25H @kareena2b @Emmo @becka29 @dmackay58 @Tinman83 

Top solution authors

This month we’re recognising two members for their efforts with 1000 Clubcard points each.

Congratulations @heanor_man_34  and @kareena2b !

Both of you have visited us regularly, started conversations on new topics, and posted many replies to help other members. We love how engaged you are in Your Community. Please keep doing what you do for the chance of winning more points in May.

Most valuable posters

We have two members we want to recognise as MVPs, each receiving 2500 Clubcard points.

For the second month running we want to recognise the efforts of @25H  – what a month. You’ve visited us 262 times, replied to other members 87 times, created three new topics, authored nine solutions, and received 35 likes from other members. With stats like that we can see how much Your Community values your contributions. You’re building an impressive collection of badges too, since March you’ve earned 19 – we’re impressed. Thanks again for all your help and support.

Our second MVP for April is @CSKBrambles . You joined us in March and have made a fantastic contribution to Your Community so far. It’s great to see you starting conversations with our members. You helped others in April by posting 30 replies, authoring two solutions, receiving 11 likes, and earning a whopping 25 badges for your efforts. So here’s a massive well done and thank you from all of us.

How to collect your Clubcard points

If you’re a winner, congratulations! To collect your Clubcard points, please sign-in and send us a private message using this link to our private account @Tesco-Bank

Just click on the blue button next to 'Inbox' and send us your Tesco Clubcard account number and full address (including postcode) within the next 30 days. We’ll then arrange for your prize Clubcard points to be credited to your account within 60 days.

Our trial ends on 31 May 2020 and we’ll continue to monitor posts during this time. Please note that our future rewards are subject to change.

We’d love to hear from our winners, or indeed any other feedback you have on the trial. Let us know by posting your thoughts in the comments below.

Safe hands

Well done to everyone!!!

What a fantastic list of winners we have 😁😀

Safe hands

I'm absolutely blown away, thank you so much, huge congrats to all the winners, and especially to you 25H !

Safe hands

Thank you @CSKBrambles  congratulations to you too!!


Safe hands

Thank you so much Tesco Bank its so overwhelming.

Safe hands

Well deserved @25H  you're always on top of your game, as i have said before..very nicely done !

Safe hands

Awe thanks @CSKBrambles . A fantastic effort from you as always 😃

Have a lovely evening.

Here to help

wow, i actually won something. can't believe it. well done to all the other winners too.

In the know

Well done to everyone who got involved-it's a nice little bonus which is greatly received. 

Pitching in

Ahh excellent - thanks Tesco! 

Community Manager

@Yvonne82 @heanor_man_34 @Julie2910 @CSKBrambles @25H - thanks for all your efforts and hope your points come in handy 🙂

Safe hands

Thanks Sarah !  i truly appreciate it. 😁

Here to help

Thankyou Sarah, they definitely will come in handy.

Safe hands

Well done @Julie2910 very nicely done !

Safe hands

Well done @Yvonne82  very nicely done !

Safe hands

Well done @heanor_man_34  very nicely done !

Pitching in

Many thanks and same to you @CSKBrambles 

Little helper

Really pleased with this forum and the way i gain points! 

Just looking