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New badges all round

Former Community Manager

Exciting news - we’ve relaunched our badges with a whole load of shiny new ones for you to collect. There are now over 60 you can get, that’s three times more than before.

How can I see my badges?

The all-new badges are live now. So just go to your profile to check – you may see your collection has grown overnight (sorry if you got a load of notifications, this was a one-time thing). You’ll notice the badges have an ‘earned date’. Just so you’re clear - your current badges show when our new badges went live. As you earn new badges, this date will show exactly when.  

How can I get more badges?

We award badges to users who get involved in Your Community and help others with solutions. Just like with our rank names, our badges are here to show the status and skills of our most helpful members. The more you do to help, the more badges you’ll gain.

You can get badges for taking part in a variety of different ways. Giving and receiving kudos, replying, and creating Accepted Answers are just a few of the ways you can collect badges. So get involved, and build that badge collection!

What’s new - have you already got some of the new badges? Let us know below. As ever, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this update.

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Little helper

Hello, I just wanted to let people know that Tesco seem to have good availability for click and collect slots. I am a key worker myself but had been going in store to shop, leaving the delivery slots for the vulnerable. I checked online last night and as I am shopping for elderly parents and elderly in-laws I decided to do a large click and collect order. I was going to add some extra tins, rice and pasta for the food bank operating in the community near the school I work in; sadly I was unable to as there is an 80 item limit for customers. This is understandable with the current situation. One idea may be for Tesco to offer click and collect customers the option to add additional items for their own food bank collections. My student daughter works for Tesco and prior to lockdown she would often come with me to the larger Tesco Extra store just to buy food for the food bank.