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July winners announced!

Community Manager

It’s been another great month! We hope you’re still enjoying the trial. Last month we mentioned we’d love to hear your feedback. Here are some of the questions we’d love to get your opinion on.

  • Would you like to see the trial extended?
  • Do you like the current format?
  • Do you have any other ideas for us?
  • How do you find our announcements?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below or feel free to send me a private message at @sarah_d. I’d love to chat with you.

We’re pleased to say we have a record 99 winners this month and over 34,000 points to give away. We’re now in the 6th month of the trial which will end on the 31st Aug. There’s still plenty of time for you to get involved and help other users. Remember, some of our most active users only started when the trial did, its never too late.

How to collect your Clubcard points

Check out our separate post on how to claim your Clubcard points. You’ve got 30 days from today to claim your prize.

Badge winners

We have 96 winners this month, each winning 200 – 500 points, our biggest badge giveaway! The winners are @Samtky @mickhogan @JoVic @mchldngh40 @Summer20 @volodymyr1 @Samtky @shazzam @mns1971 @GJ @Gills1901 @icedchetty @25H @mickhogan @caesious22 @victorian @Annee @Gringo100 @RickVigorous @Nadineledsam @D57 @baldeagle @SW54 @LUCAS27 @07seb @Timbo31audi @RKS @pennyJ @mccannjg @Kelmaxwell96 @Springergirl @OliviaFHogg @JennyWhysall @Risa81 @jive21 @Lindseyw2651 @TNewton @Stefanos @Calpowell @Sara214 @Sweetie @Natashavaf @tyler2020 @allanr @ALISONC @rachelmorrod24 @DIckyboy1 @Imscots @Knabrock @Maz747 @Mimi33 @weemac2010 @Lambeth @Trudifearns @dbanning6201 @SAS2 @gemleanne1981 @STE7VEY @Lins612 @CAZBALM @jaynebri @Zena510 @sheenaboyle @Jonoe84 @NM68 @Damo2Trikes @Johnny_Mo @Rezodx @portchieboy @Zaralou @jr1985 @RoryKelly89 @Happyhead @lindacam5 @ricefoundry57 @slyne87 @LLaBoodle @Tonks1955 @terrybott @reddygopi123 @M1ffy1992 @xMAZx @JenT55 @Holly45 @Usha @Kerry1983 @Seb0483 @sj8025 @Oh2528 @paulypaulpaul @ElC75 @1008670843 @nolanha @kingsglen @StephenGoddard @iraisaac @sarahyoga123 

Top contributors

@Grandmaswagg1 , @Gills1901  and @Sheena1975  – you’ve each won 1500 points, that’s £15 worth of points each! You’ve visited us regularly and replied over 20 times between you. You’ve both shown the rest of the community support in giving likes and it was great to see examples of you sharing experiences of recent interactions with us. Overall there were some great conversations and we’d love you to continue talking and helping other users.

Most valuable posters

We didn’t think it was possible for these two users to beat last month’s performance, but can you believe @25H  and @CSKBrambles have visited us 463 times between them? Since joining us in March you’ve moved up 12 ranks, which is incredible, written almost 400 replies in July and we can see the rest of the community clearly love the support by the number of likes they’ve given. You’ve won 2500 points each, equivalent to £25.

Don’t forget there’s still time for you to start joining in and helping others. We still have points up for grabs and we’d love August to be another amazing month with contributions from all our members.

If you’ve any feedback or questions, feel free to comment below or send me a private message

Above and beyond

Thank you so much @sarah_d  so very much appreciated and well done to all 99 winners 😁

Another excellent month by everyone and great to see so many winners!!

Just loving the community, the interaction and the comradery it would be great if it was extended.

Thanks Caz @25H 


Top sharer

Thanks again @sarah_d  !

It's been another great month, and i'm very happy for all of the winners.

I would love to see the community trial extended, it will be a sad day to see it end.

For the second month running however....there's no sign of my name on the badge winners list !

Best Regards, Chris @CSKBrambles 

Helping hand

Thanks @sarah_d @another great month it’s good to see so many winners,  really hope this does get extended.



Here to help

Thanks @sarah_d


Since joining I have found the help here extremely helpful


I cant believe I won Wow!!!!


I like Chris @CSKBrambles  and Caz @25H  would love to see the community trial extended 


Kind Regards



Community Manager

Hey @25H @baldeagle @Sheena1975 @CSKBrambles - I'm hoping to extend the trial further, watch this space! 


Just a reminder for all of you, we don't award every type of badge that is earned each month as there are simply too many! This month is the highest ever amount of badges we have recognised, so well done to all of our winners. 


Hope you all enjoy your points. @CSKBrambles  I have your message from last week so will be in touch later today 🙂

Top sharer

That would be wonderful  !

Thanks Sarah@sarah_d 
Regards, Chris, @CSKBrambles 

Here to help

Thanks @sarah_d I can't believe I won! I would love to see the trial extended. The current format works brilliantly and the announcements are great. Well done to all the winners this month 🙂

Here to help



Thanks Sarah @sarah_d 


Kind Regards Chris @baldeagle