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Check your balance with Siri...

Community Manager

We’ve all been there – you’re trying to make your dinner after a busy day at work while catching up on the latest episode of your favourite TV series. Suddenly you remember that it’s a friend’s birthday on Friday. You know it’s nearly payday, and you wonder whether you’ll have enough in your account to cover the cost of his present and the night out. You make a mental note to check your account balance later on, but inevitably one thing leads to another and you forget. What if you could quickly check your balance, without even having to stop what you’re doing? What if you could check your balance with your voice?

Today we are delighted to announce that we’ve introduced changes to our Mobile App, enabling iPhone users the option to check their account balance using Apple’s Siri functionality. It’s another easy, convenient way to help you manage your banking around your life.

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Customers who have iOS11 or above will need to have Siri functionality enabled on the device before they can use this feature. Once successfully logged into the app, you will receive a message about this new feature. Alternatively you can navigate to the settings menu, where you can enable Siri alongside the current Balance Peek functionality.

Once enabled, you can activate Siri by saying ‘Hey Siri’ or by pressing the home button on your iPhone to ask Siri to show your account balance(s). There are a number of ways you can ask for this but we recommend ‘Hey Siri, what’s the balance of my Tesco Bank Credit Card?’

Our Mobile App offers all that you would expect from a banking app, as well as a number of innovative features to help you manage your finances quickly and easily, including:


  • Quick and secure access to the app using either Face ID, Touch ID, 5-digit passcode or existing online banking login details.
  • Easy set up and management of credit card repayments by direct debit or debit card.
  • An overdraft alert feature to help current account customers avoid account fees.
  • Block / unblock feature that helps customers temporarily block their credit card and keep the account safe.
  • Card scanning for credit card payments which enables customers to quickly add new card details using their camera.

For more details on how our Mobile App can help you manage your money check out

We take every opportunity to understand our customers and to create better servicing that lets you do banking your way. With this in mind, we welcome your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our Mobile App. We’ll shortly be inviting our Mobile App users to participate in a new BETA Group. We’ll be running the feedback program exclusively through Your Community.  Look out for more details coming soon.

Little helper

Hi Sarah,


I think it’s great to see Tesco quickly embracing the new features of iOS, much quicker than other banks I have to add.  There’s one feature that I think a lot of users would benefit from - proper iPad support for your app.  Just now the iPad displays a version of the iPhone app but its in no way optimised for iPad.  Is there any future plans to properly support iPad?  Especially multitasking etc.


Thanks, Neil

Community Manager

Hi @NM7 - sorry for the delayed response Neil. 


We're always looking for ways to improve our experience for our customers. While we don’t have any plans to develop an iPad specific app at the moment, you can still use our app by filtering for ‘iPhone only’ in the App Store on your iPad – this allows you to use our iPhone app on your iPad. We will continue to monitor usage of our app on iPads, as it’s something we may look to support in the future. 


Thanks for your feedback and apologies again for the delay in my response - Sarah.



Little helper

Hi Sarah,


Thanks for your reply.  I have used the iPhone app on the ipad but feel that its pretty unusable in the context of how it is displayed. Due to it running in compatibility mode its very limited in its usefulness as a modern ipad app.  It takes up the whole screen in portrait mode so isn’t very helpful when i would want to use it at the same time as excel or another app on my ipad.  I only highlight this because if the team are using current app usage on ipad as a gauge then id worry it’s giving misleading feedback.  I know i can use the app on my ipad but the experience is so poor that i dont.  However if a version was released that supported ipad natively then id absolutely use it. does that make sense?





Little helper
When will this be available on Android
Your Community Expert

Hi @kel78, we're always trying to improve our mobile app for Apple and Android users, and sometimes the differences between phone technology means that there might be different features depending on your device. I don't have a timescale for when a similar feature will be available for Android, but I'll let our App team know that this is something you're looking for! 

Here to help

I have just set it up on my iPhone and it works brilliantly. Thanks Tesco for the heads up on that I wouldn’t have known about that otherwise. x

Little helper

Hi i have try set up for mobile app bec i need payment to visa card n balance n check up but not work please help me i am deaf

Thank you 

Janet hamblett 

Your Community Expert

Hi @Janethamblett, I'm sorry to hear that. Can you please let me know what issues you're having so I can look into this for you? Are you receiving any error messages at all? - Caroline

Here to help

Please tell me why this is still not available for Android?


Do "the differences between phone technology" (post on 29/4/19) really mean a delay of 8 months and counting?


Bearing in mind that you also don't support Google Pay and refuse to tell us why, does this mean that you've got something against Android users?