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All about National Pet Month


national-pet-month.jpgFrom 1 April to 1 May, National Pet Month is your chance to attend free Tesco Bank roadshows and take part in local fundraisers. Here’s the need-to-know about an event that brings together pet owners across the nation.

What is National Pet Month?

A celebration of our animal friends. National Pet Month is a registered charity with a passion for promoting responsible pet ownership. It also encourages us all to raise funds for our favourite UK pet charities – from national organisations to small rescue centres.

What’s really inspiring about National Pet Month is that it brings together pet lovers from all walks of life. Think animal welfare charities, professional bodies, businesses, schools and youth groups. Pretty much anyone who cares about the welfare of pets can get involved.

This year’s event takes place from 1 April until 1 May.


Why is it so important?
Asha Clearwater from National Pet Month tells us, ‘National Pet Month encourages responsible pet ownership, celebrates the important role pets play in our lives and helps UK pet charities of all shapes and sizes raise funds for their great work.’

As the campaign has highlighted in previous years, that work includes welcoming abandoned pets into cat and dog shelters and sending them to delighted new owners and happy homes.

But it’s also about brushing up on day-to-day pet care ourselves. Says Asha, ‘This is a fabulous opportunity to spend time with other enthusiastic pet fans and their pets, and top up your responsible pet care knowledge.’

How can I get involved?
Taking part is easy. In fact, it can fit in with your routine shopping trip. Tesco Bank is the event’s main sponsors and is celebrating its role by planning several roadshows across store car parks. RSA vets will be on hand to answer your pet health and wellbeing questions. They’ll also be providing demonstrations on basic grooming and offering advice on preventative care. Want to know how to clean your dog’s teeth effectively and safely? Then pop along and get some expert advice for free.


What else will be happening near me?
Says Asha, ‘All kinds of events take place during the campaign month – from sponsored dog walks to fetes, fairs, veterinary open days and even pet church services!’
Why not get involved in one of these events locally? You’ll be helping to raise money for organisations that look after the wellbeing and happiness of the nation’s pets.


Stay in touch with National Pet Month
Find out what’s on in your area by visiting You’ll also discover information about putting on your own event and can download a toolkit to help you get started.

Join in the conversation about National Pet Month on the following Facebook pages.