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Apple Pay

How do I use Apple Pay?

Using Apple Pay is easy no matter what device you use. To pay in shops, there is no need to wake your device. Simply hold your phone near the contactless reader with your finger on touch ID. Or double click the Home button when the phone is locked to open up your wallet and choose which card you wish to use. If you’ve added multiple cards to your Wallet, they will appear in a stack. The one at the bottom of this stack is your default card, and it’s this one that will make the payment. When you want to change it, just tap it and a new card will make the payment.


If you’re paying in app with your iPhone or iPad, select Apple Pay, and confirm the transaction.


With the Apple Watch, double tap the side button to bring up the card logo, then hold the watch display to the contactless reader.


When your payment has been authorised there’ll be a small vibration and a beep to confirm.


I must admit I love using Apple Pay and especially for the tune it plays when the transaction has been successful.

Hi good evening and thank you

not understand banking by finger printing

Can you give us some more information on what you're not understanding so that we can do our best to help, @clai?

I just signed up can't wait to start using this I had to join up really my 16 yr old daughter had o e up on me not having that lol xxxxx